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"Lovers of storytelling, the tale I plan to weave for you this time is an amalgam of many stories I've told in the past. After, during and sometimes before those stories, other tales were made with the characters and settings of each, including some that weren't featured in them. This tale will tell the truth of the 'verses.   Welcome to the concord of truth, the evolution of existence.   I am your humble host, Sir Vee, and it is my pleasure to entertain you once more."

The Book (no title)

  Every creative knows innately that they are the god, the manipulator, of their stories. What so few know is that all of creation as one knows it is a story born from the minds of several mere storytellers. As it has been told, very god has a god, but these storytellers are even greater than the gods.   Those who know the truth of their existence cower, resign themselves to the Script. But there are some individuals born from the passage of Time, and they are the rebels, the defilers of the Book.   Those Who Know will watch in awe and fear when those beings—gods and their mortal inventions—clash in an inevitable battle that may redefine the meaning of Creation.   Paneidoverse is a "low science-fantasy" project created by Mar Qaroll, a young creative who invented the worlds therein and has completed two National Novel Writing Month challenges and four Camp NaNoWriMo challenges since 2017.
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The Paneidoverse is a work in progress and may contain elements only suitable for adults.
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