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Thieves Guild

All major cities, and even small towns, have an underworld. Crime is a pervasive element. In some cases, it is an organized one. The thieves' guilds share a common structure, code of conduct, and symbolism. They deal with each other as a merchant would, with more violent undertones. They protect their own socioeconomic class and coerce others into service. Though no one is safe from their ire, regardless of social class.


  1. Shepherd- Guild leader.
  2. Crook- Second in command.
  3. Hound- Head of faction.
  4. Bellwether- Full member.
  5. Ram- associated non member.
  6. Ewe- affiliated non member.
  Ewes report to rams, tangentially involved in operations, they in turn report to the bellwethers. Who then report to the hound. They have some sense of autonomy, so long as they pay their dues and bring no trouble to the guild.


Code of conduct:
  • No fighting amongst members.
  • No harming bellwether without Shepherds blessing.
  • Can't discuss business with non members.
  • All factions pay tribute on full moon.
  • Must be of full Arres blood to lead.
  • Must have Arres father to join.
  • Members must have full beard and mustache.
For someone to become a ram they must swear a blood oath over a Relic in front of the Crook and Hound, with the Bellwether who endorsed him. To become a bellwether another oath is sworn. Those who oppose them are referred to as wolves (gentry), lions (nobility), bears (royalty), foxes (merchants), or wild dogs (town guards).   Tattoos tell the story of a members life and career. The location of the tattoos have specific meanings, but the content varies from person to person. Some have an X or dots in the prescribed location, others put paintings or murals. Completely covering the body in tattoos with highlights in these areas is also done, but rare.   The Crook is not marked. He is a legal advisor and financial officer who speaks directly for the Shepherd as he remains hidden from sight.

Public Agenda

Gain wealth, power, and influence in the region they work. Protect the commoner from the nobility, gentry, and wealthy merchants.


  • People of varied skill sets.
  • Extravagant wealth.
  • Many properties from which they collect rent.
  • Weapons and armor.
  • Horses and carriages.


Founded independently in several cities to protect laborers from the merchants, craftsman guilds, and the corruption of the nobles and gentry. Over time these disparate guilds came together to form a secret multinational guild.
Guild, Thieves
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Mixed economy
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