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Official coin of Adinerado standardly made in copper. Dinar has a value of 1, Tudin of 2, Thrudin of 3, and Denier of 4. The value of the metals is .05 for steel, 1 for copper, 20 for silver, and 320 for gold.  
Material Values
Coin Steel Copper Silver Gold
Dinar .05 1 20 320
Tudin .10 2 40 640
Thrudin .15 3 60 960
Denier .20 4 80 1280

Manufacturing process

Minted by hand, a square piece of metal was placed between two halves of a die called a pile and trussel. These were struck with a hammer to imprint the design, after which the coin was trimmed by hand to make it circular.


Official coin of Adinerado and used in all the lands east of the Adi River.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
There are two mints in Adinerado, one in the capitol of Demesne and the other in the Duchy.
1.76 grams
1.76 cm across
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
These coins can be manufactured from steel, copper, silver, or gold.

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