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Amphibious lizard-like carnivore that is mostly nocturnal. This predator spends most of its life in the water, although it is known to have made a journey of several miles over land on multiple occasions. When swimming, it places its legs back against the sides its body and moves forward by means of lateral wavelike tail motions. When walking on land, it holds itself high on all four legs. When moving quickly into the water from a bank, it slides on the belly and pushes itself forward with the feet. It is also capable of galloping short distances.   It is an apex predator and consumes other animals as its only source of nutrients. It eats fish, turtles, birds, and other mammals. It's also been known to eat domestic animals that get too close to its territory, possums, cattle, and even sharks. If there is little to no food available, then it will feed on insects. It can survive in any body of water from salt, to brackish, to fresh water. But whatever it eats, it eats it whole.   Its stomach is highly acidic, helping it digest hooves and bones, and swallowing stones to aid in digestion. Rocks in its stomach helps crush, grate, and grind food.

Physical Description

Body Features

Scales cover most of its body. It has a smooth belly, with scales protecting it when it slides on land. Meanwhile, it has a rugged back covered in thick, scaly armor that shields it from attack, and a long, massive tail. The colors and patterns help it blend in with its environment. Its powerful jaws are lined with many conical teeth, and it has short legs with clawed webbed toes. Its unique body form allows its eyes, ears, and nostrils to remain above water while most of its body is hidden below.    It can't generate heat on its own and goes into long periods of sleep, similar to hibernation. It wakes up when the weather starts to warm and live its life until it gets cold again.

Special abilities

It is highly receptive to vibrations, helping capture its prey in the water. It has excellent vision on land, especially at night, and it uses its vision and vibrations when hunting prey on land. Ambushing its prey in the water, it waits for its prey to drink or cool off, and then strikes. Remaining perfectly still all the while. Then it drags the prey to the water to drown them, eating them whole. If prey puts up a fight, it will thrash them or use a death roll to fatally injure the prey. It can go over a year without food if need be.
Current Location
150 yrs.
Dark Green with vertically slit pupils
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark green with tan and gray regions
40 feet long
17,000 lbs.


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