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Emperor Til-Lautor of Iren

The current Emperor of Belyos who has sat on the High Throne for 23 years. He is considered to be a capable and measured ruler, and has continued to provide the stability that The Empire of Belyos  has needed. Hailing from a maritime region of the Empire, he was expanded the Imperial Navy and instructed the Imperial shipbuilders to find a way to extend Imperial influence through the Straits of Rodess and towards the New World.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the city of Llaris in the Elector State of Iren as a cousin to the ruling Elector Lord, Lautor showed early promise as not only a capable ship's captain, but also a statesman and leader. Educated in the city's prestigious College, as befits one of the Empire's elite, Lautor was granted his first charter as a merchant captain at age 21, in command of a vessel carrying fine wools from Llaris to Belyos . He made this trip an impressive twelve times in his first year, and travelled the route for five more years, forming strong contacts with the Merchants and Harbour Guild in the Imperial Capital. He notably was captain when an opportunistic pirate attack was successfully fought off, despite the slow and unarmed nature of merchant vessels.   He retired his commission and started his political career as a representative for Iren at age 26, moving to Belyos and gaining a reputation for skilful manipulation of the politics of the Imperial Capital. This brought him to the attention of Til-Adver, the Emperor at the time, who appointed him to the typically symbolic role of Master of the Fleets, a prestigious position, especially as Lautor was not of the same House as the Emperor.   When Til-Adver died in 1882, Lautor was the obvious candidate for House Iren, and was deemed so well suited, that Arall, Lorsund and Archeld all supported the nomination, an unprecedented action. In the rounds of voting that followed, Lautor received the highest number of votes each time, until unsurprisingly, he won, becoming the sixth Emperor of Belyos of the New Empire.   Since his coronation, in the 23 years since, he has largely avoided both controversy, and acclaim, perceiving that the Empire requires stability more than drama. He has, however, increased the size of the Imperial Navy, due to concerns that the rise in population of the colonies in the New World might threaten Imperial interests in the region. Despite pressure from some of the Elector Lords, he has not increased patrols on the Sakamohr Plain, nor issued any edicts regarding restriction of migration to the north. Now aged 59, jostling has begun by the Elector Counts to place their favourites in his court as potential successors.  
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1847 IY 59 Years old
Dark brown
Short black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive coloured
1.78 m
84 kg
Aligned Organization

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Cover image: A View of Salerno and Vesuvius by Unknown


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