"If yer stranded, far from supplies, with only your Camids, I'd not bother eating 'em. Better to eat sand off t' ground. It'll cut yer mouth up less. Actually, I'd send 'em running home right quick, before they eat you." - Rugga Twoson, Orc Quartermaster   Originally brought south to Amaranth by the Dragonborn; Camids bear a superficial resemblance to Camels, but the differences only stack up from there. Camids have seemingly-chaotic stoney growths across the majority of their upper body, and around key joints, providing them significant protection from blows, and their coarse fur also takes the impact out of strikes coming from below. Their mouth resembles a stoney beak, held together with shock-absorbing gristle, albeit one that splits in the middle to consume food, like a pair of mandibles. Furthermore, they are renowned for eating anything; whilst happy to consume plants, they are partial to a number of meaty treats, and lastly, use their 'beak' and powerful neck muscles to smash apart rocks before consuming them (presumably to add to their stoney hide.) Lastly, a pair of tusks attached to the underside of their skull are used for both self-defence and digging up rocks, roots and tubers.   Though Amaranth has only a few cavalry units, Camids make up the majority of them. Wide-splayed toes give them ample traction in The Battlefield's sandy basin and their dense body gives them a devastating amount of momentum. Though not as dangerous close-up as the aggressive Oris, their 'beaks' still pack a stunning punch - usually enough dissuade enemy retaliation and disengage to reform the unit.  

A young Camid, still growing into it's fully armoured adult form.


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