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Pallara is a world much like Earth, with continents, oceans, and over a hundred distinct countries. It exists within a universe where aliens and magic exist on other planets that interact, trade, and fight with one another much like the countries of Earth do today. However, the people of Pallara have no idea that these other worlds exist. Much like on Earth, there is speculation, but there is little evidence to support these claims. The stories I plan on writing will be organized as a series of shorter tales that depict Pallara as it slowly begins to discover that the impossible is, in fact, possible. The stories are, and will be, heavily inspired by the movies in the MCU, and I won't deny it. They follow certain people as they become the equivalent of Earth superheroes. Each person has something special about them, most of which are either a direct or indirect result of those other worlds, aliens, and magic. Eventually, they will become the Enhanced Guardians of Pallara, and will task themselves with protecting their planet and the people that they love with the powers they have discovered.   (I'm not the best at things like this but I hope you get the idea. That was the longer and more eloquent description, here's the one I use more often: It's an MCU rip-off that happens on another planet, and in writing form.)

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