Purifying Times

During the purifying times in 1511-1530, the Othron Empire went after magical people and spread their influence across Paldurog.

Effects on the chains

To those believing in The Chains , the Purifying Times were a sign of the chains breaking, causing a time without magic, the end of times.

Cause of the purification

After the assassination of Myrddin Cadle in 1507, civil unrest spread among the Othron Empire. The assassination was done by Mikael Thygesen , a sorcerer. While anti-magic fields were in place around the castle at the times, Mikael was able to circumvent the restrictions during a parade. During which he shot multiple Eldritch Blasts upon Myrddin Cadle. Myrddin lost their life shortly after.


After the assassination, the Othron Empire government passed an emergency law requiring all people with magical powers to register. Both people living in the Othron Empire and visitors were required to do so.

The Purification Night

In the night of 5 Palesin 1511 the Othron Empire government called for the Purification Night. A night where all registered magical users were rounded up from their homes and beheaded in the streets. During the following year, the Othron government hunted down as many magicians as possible.


From 1515 up until 1530, secret agents called Gulants were sent into other countries, starting with Abrana, to kill all magicians.

After effects

While the end of times never came after the Purifying Times, the amount of magical users diminished greatly. While the time following the Purifying Times were times of great technological innovation, it took almost 2 centuries to once again have a strong magical population. It is that technological innovation and magic that eventually thrived and made it possible to combine the both. A prime example of the combination are the Airships.
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