Healer's Uniform

The Healer's Uniform is the universal attire for those who work for the Blue Lace Union. It is specially designed for its work, and while it certainly is no stranger to aesthetic additions it is nowhere near being rendered useless by that fact. No matter where you come from, you'll easily be able to recognize an incoming healer due to this uniform.

Design Information

Healer's Uniform (Mask) by restlessRenegade1
The Healer's Uniform's current form is designed specifically to draw attention, inspire trust and suggest the healer's precision and dependability. It is meant to cause feelings of trust, honesty, security. The gray tint is meant to also give off a neutral and practical feeling, and create a sense of composure. The cloak is admittedly mainly as it is due to aesthetics, as well as the head jewels that alter the appearance of the wearer's eyes. However, it does help continue to inspire these feelings and to help the healer stand out.

Design History

Designed back in 2305 PT, the uniform has had a few noticeable changes in its millennium of existence. Originally formed to combat the Shadowburne outbreak, the uniform started with only the blue-tinted jumpsuit, boots, and white undershirt. It also constantly required the healers to wear full plague masks and gloves.
In 10 GS this relaxed, and the masks became only worn around contagious patients and corpses. The gloves remained mandatory until 350 GS. 4 GS was when the symbol was added to the uniform, originally in the form of a simple silver brooch. Around 100 GS is when the cloak and symbol were added, originally a simple dark blue cloak for warmth. The cloak came to resemble its current form in 400 GS, and in 1300 GS the eye-altering gems were added to the attire.

Mechanics and Inner Workings

With the use of cosmetic enchantments, sourced from The Shining Crown, the head jewelry displayed on this uniform uses illusionary magic to make any observer see the eyes of the medic as blue-and-white. Some may describe this as eerie, while others describe it as calming.
While currently "useless", the Blue Cross Union has recently been discussing finding a better use for these and including practical enchantments alongside it.
Healer's Uniform by restlessRenegade1
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
Typically made of Bamboo Fabrics, but will be different depending on individual preferences.