Paerim Bellum

AoH 1478

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Paerim is an ancient world. There is a mix of tight order with chaos splitting open the world through the cracks that the system can no longer maintain. Paerim feels like the world was purposely designed to host intelligent species, but there are many places where the system breaks down.   Most campaigns in this game take place on the continent of Cern. The citizens of Cern seek out safety from the wild zones in one of the the eighteen city states. Each city state has their own laws, means of governing, and mix of prominent ethnicities.   Minor magics are not quite commonplace, but they are encountered with great frequency. Technology and magic from fallen civilizations surface from time to time. Low level spells are teachable even to those without a natural aptitude given enough time and resources.   Paerim Bellum is a high magic science fantasy setting. The intended setting is written with Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition in mind specifically, but may flow into other systems at a later date.   Check out the Core World Assumptions for an overview of the setting and ways it might differ from D&D fifth edition.

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