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The 32nd of Forest's Flame, 49 PC

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Overview The world of Ozerran is just like any other. Except the magic in this world is just about as accessible to the common man as it is to the common mage. If a farmer is strong enough to swing a sword or club, who's to say they can't be considered a fighter? If a mere performer is charismatic enough, who's to say they can't find the arcane magic in their words and music? If a powerful entity finds a strong and interesting mortal, who's to say they wouldn't try to enlist this individual to their mysterious cause?   This world of magic and power is a world of chaos. Constant experimentation and growth, both in the technological and arcane sense, lead the world into seemingly never-ending wars and catastrophes. Empires rise and fall in a flash, wildly powerful abberations, elementals, fiends and other unkown horrors war for power over the planes. In Ozerran, order is something to be greatly respected and sought after, should anyone wish to make their way in the world.  

The Great Crater

On the continent of Het'Laer, a mad wizard named Vhak'zelos performs maddening experiments on monsters and beasts alike. His insane ideas and workings begin to grow about him, and soon he finds himself in a large, city-sized fortress with his own armed guard. Hideous, monstrous hybrids are sent out to do his bidding, and finally, those who uphold all that is natural and holy in the world decided to put an end to his ungodly actions. A small army of powerful clerics, paladins and druids marched upon the walls of Vhak'zelos' fortress, what happened next may never be known. But the resulting explosion destroyed a full seventh of the planet. The underdark was disrupted, forcing half of the world's underfolk to the surface as they claimed a mysterious force they refer to as "The Rot" took over their subterranean home. Many intellectuals hypothesize that perhaps a very large myconid colony existed underneath the explosion, that would explain the spore cloud that hangs over the region of the world now referred to as the fungal wastes.   These spores had an effect on creatures nobody could have forseen. A low level of natural undeath. A new race, known by the Myconids as "The Accepted" was born.

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