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The Ever Raging War

The Elven kingdom of Vilsikel has been locked in a war with the Humans of Ran-Talea for nearly two decades now. Nobody is completely certain, but rumors continue to spread far and wide of fell compromises on either side in an effort to make their respective kingdoms victorious. The Ran-Talean armies have been filled with powerful creatures, hideous in size, demeanor, and cruelty, and wielding fiendish magics. In response, The Vilsik Council has rallied the troops and the high-elven populace with heroes of old, returned once again to save the kingdom they fought and died for centuries ago! Murmurs across the rest of Ozerran declare the Elven kingdom seems less and less to use their own soldiers, and rather have found unnatural ways to turn the fallen soldiers of their enemies against them. Necromantic practices commonly frowned upon.
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