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Spot Conlon

Sean Ardan Conlon (a.k.a. Spot)


Contacts & Relations

Romantic relationship with Racetrack Higgins- the only person other than his familial figures he's truly been close with.

Family Ties

Spot was born to Alice Conlon and Thomas Tower. Tower was a cruel man whom had many affairs and sired multiple illegitimate children. Spot's Mother, Alice Conlon's parents disapproved of her pregnancy when she was so young (16) and unmarried. They kicked her out of their house. For a couple of years, she lived with her older sister Amelia and her husband Patrick and they pretended that Sean was their baby to save face. Alice moved to her own apartment when Sean was about 2 years old and Amelia and Patrick moved out of the state for better work. Without their support, several years later, Alice lost her job and couldn't support herself and Sean. She caught pneumonia and died when Sean was nine years old. While mourning his mother at the Brooklyn docks, Sean slips into the water and starts drowning because he hadn't learned to swim. He was saved by 13 year old Julius Rivers. Sean stays with the Rivers family for two weeks and starts working as a newsie alongside Julius and his little brother Silas. After the two weeks, he's saved enough money to start living in the Brooklyn Lodging House and started to climb the ranks of the Brooklyn newsies. Though he is no longer living with the Rivers, he is still treated like part of the family.

Religious Views

Spot prays (typically quick signs of the cross while thinking of what he wants) occasionally for good circumstances, good weather, and good company. Generally, he understands that anything he wants in the world, he has to work for it. In situations where he has no power (ie. people's health, etc) he has gone somewhere alone to kneel and pray out loud and really focus on the situation. His mother passed on her old rosary, it's one of the only things of hers he still has so he keeps good care of it and grasps it when he feels overly anxious or lost.

Wealth & Financial state

Spot, like most newsies is in poverty. However, being King of Brooklyn has its perks including a private room in the lodging house, extra supplies, a collection of nine books, and extra income (typically used to help other, struggling newsies)

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Brooklyn
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1885 CE 19 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Pansexual- has had relationships with men and women- has no preference towards either sex but individuals
Dark hazel, hints of blue, green, and gold
Dark, short, slightly curly (especially when wet)
145 lbs
Character Prototype
Anthony Zas

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