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Ventractconian Tome (Ven-Track-Cone-Ee-An Tome)

This ancient tome is said to hold the knowledge of the Dragons. Beings that have existed on Oxdara for as long as the plane has existed, established an order to record every detail of Dragon kind. The tome contains the history and a bestiary explanation of every kind of Dragon in Oxdara. From Chromatic to Metallic, to Gemstone, and all the mixed breeds in between. This knowledge is accessible to anyone who read the tome without Attunement.   However, when attuned to this artefact you gain access to the following benefits:   Random Properties The Ventractconian Tome come with the following random properties:   2 Minor Beneficial Properties 1 Major Beneficial Property 1 Major Detrimental Property (When Attuned to by a person without Draconic Blood) Draconian Sight. Once you are Attuned to this book you gain the sight and senses of the Dragons that wrote this tome. You gain Darkvision up to 120ft. and Blindsight up to 60ft.  

Deep Magic

After studying the tome in great detail you gain access to deep and ancient magic from the dawn of time. As an action, you can cast a spell from the following list. The spell is chosen at random from the table below by rolling a d100. After casting the spell this trait cannot be used for 14 days.   0-5: Antimagic Field 6-10: Antipathy/Sympathy 11-15: Clone 16-20: Control Weather 21-25: Demiplane 26-30: Dominate Monster 31-35: Feeblemind 36-40: Incendiary Cloud 41-45: Maze 46-50: Mind Blank 51-55: Power Word Stun 56-60: Sunburst 61-65: Astral Projection 66-70: Foresight 71-75: Gate 76-80: Imprisonment 81-85: Meteor Swarm 86-90: Weird 91-95: Prismatic Wall 96: Shapechange 97: Time Stop 98: True Polymorph 99: Power Word Kill 100: Wish  

Breath of the Past

Once attuned you can use an action to unleash a breath attack like the Draconic Authors before you. You can choose which breath weapon from the list below, using the attributed stats. The DC for this attack equals 8 + your Constitution modifier + your Proficiency Bonus. The creature takes 6d6 damage on a failed save, and half as much on a successful one.   Acid (5 by 30ft. line, Dex Save) Cold (15ft cone, Con Save) Fire (15ft cone, Con Save) Lightning (5 by 30ft line, Dex Save) Poison (15ft cone, Con Save)  

Draconic Knowledge

In addition, your gain proficiency in Draconic, and have an advantage on making saves against spells cast by Dragons.
Item type
Book / Document
Creation Date
Some time between 400,000 BDR - 200,000 BDR
Current Holder
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