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United Rularian Treaty and Continental Agreement


The signed treaty of the Rularian council upon its founding in the years following the war against the Dark Wing Empire. The treaty was created to present a unified front of Rularia, including internal conflicts among signatories, trade agreements, military force in event of foreign invasion, the classifications of war crimes, and legislation for continental laws.

Document Structure


The document is divided into five clauses, with each clause discussing and ratifying the rules and agreements made by the kingdoms and republics of Rularia upon the founding of the Rularian Council.  
Clause 1 - The Civil War Treaty
Clause one was created to discern how internal conflicts between two Rularian Kingdoms/Republics, to deescalate any disagreements to prevent war. As a part of this treaty war within Rularia would henceforth be discerned as a civil war, as any war would hurt every nation, not just the two in conflict. As such the agreement was made that all disagreements would be mediated by the other members of the council, say Ixmoria and Dragontide had disagreements, Polantia, Horan's Rise, Erandule, Elrian and Thaltical would work together to present a fair and balanced agreement for the disagreeing nations.  
Clause 2 - United Rularian Military Force
Clause two was created to discerned what happens in the event of foreign invasion, or when Rularia needed to present a show of force. The Rularian Military Force would be comprised of the Ixmorian army making up a large percentage of the ground forces, with Dragontide, Erandule and Thaltical bolstering with their own ground forces. During such time Polantia's Sheriff's would be dispersed across Rularia to act in place of any guards or soldiers lost defending in the conflict.   Polantia's navy would make up the naval capacity of the URM (United Rularian Military), as they have the largest navy in Rularia, with the Ixmorian, Erandulian, and Dragontidite navy's bolstering the forces. During these times the ships fly the flag of their native nation under the URM crest.  
Clause 3 - Continental Law Legislation
Clause three was written to determine laws that all Rularian nations would follow, as well as they're own natural laws. In order to make sure the populace of the Rularian nations were receptive to the Continental Laws, every law has to first be proposed by the Rularian Council, at which point the council members takes the proposition to their own nations to be deliberated on. With each nation having their own ways of enacting and rectifying laws, creating amendments to ensure the best deal for their own nation. After each nation has added their amendments the council ensures that each amendment is fair for all parties involved and not just the nation that created each amendment.   These laws are only created to cover larger issues that would affect Rularia as a whole, the first law being written into this document under clause four, classifications of war crimes.  
Clause 4 - Classifications of War Crimes
Clause four, the classification of war crimes, created to devise rules of engagement that the nations of Rularia and the URM had to follow during times of war. Namely in war's against foreign powers, but also to protect the nations against each other and ensure that a nation of greater strength cannot use powers to excessive.  
  • Killing a prisoner of war, surrendering combatant or unarmed person
  • Raising the dead of the enemy to be used for emotional torment
  • Using prisoners of war for experimentations, sacrifices or batteries for blood magic
  • Using child soldiers, with amendments for the classification of an adult dependant on a species maturity rate - for most Rularian Races an adult is classified as anyone 21 or older - exception made for Dwarves (25) and Elves (26)
  • Using civilian's or unarmed hostages/prisoners as shields
  • Misuse of parlay, flags of truce, or peace negations
  • Intentional murder/manslaughter of innocent people
  • Enacting a siege without allowing civilians to be evacuated from the city
  • Attacking of another nation/foreign power without lawful provocation or declaration of war
  • Destruction of buildings dedicated to faith, art, education, science or charity
Clause 5 - Trade Agreements
Clause five dictates the agreements, and legislation for future agreements, of trade between Rularian nations and nations outside of Rularia. Trade agreements between the Rularian nations are to be made so that both nations benefit fairly, with lower taxation for trade between the Rularian nations to promote more trade across Rularia. Trade agreements made with entities from Erendoc or Venka are to go through the Rularian council first in order to gain trade for all of Rularia, not just one nation.   There was an amendment made after the Draconic Resurgence to change the wording of outside nations beyond just Erendoc and Venka, after Dragon's who returned began establishing their own nations on uninhabited islands between Erendoc and Venka.   A part of this clause was the free trade of information between the Rularian nations.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
186 BDR/4e142 Rularian


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