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The Flow of Magic

Magic flows through every part of Oxdara, in different forms and wielded in different ways. The culmination of the magical essences that flow from the various planes of existence creates what is known as the Life Force, the very heart of creation on the material plane. Originally moulded by the Primordial Dragons, Tiamat, Bahumat and Kaltorius, their power forging the original lifelines of the Life Force. Connecting the Material plane to the Elemental planes, the Feywild, and their Celestial planes, the first three celestial planes connected to Oxdara. The Tal inventors Inday and Uranus, eventually found a way to connect the material plane to the Shadowfell, bringing Shadowmancy, and eventually Necromancy to Oxdara. It was through this discovery the Tal were able to push back the Old Gods, and allow Oxdara to develop.   The Life Force itself is a delicate balance and force of nature that will correct itself, the most notable example being when the Dragon Kaltorius fled with hundreds of Dragons to escape the Old Gods destruction. The absence of these Dragons cause the evolution of races like the Tabaxi, Leonin, Loxodon, and Aaracokra, filling the hole their disappearance left in the Life Force.


  Arcane magic is the most widely spread form of magic, being used by Wizards and Clerics alike, and unlike the other forms of magic, it isn't something inherently gifted upon someone. Arcane magic can be taught.  


  The Elemental type of Arcane magic is drawn from the Elemental planes of Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, Ice and Earth. Most Evocation spells fall into this type of magic.  


  The other side of the Arcane coin, Influential Magic is the only type of magic drawn from the Material plane. Influential magic regards any magic that changes something, strengthens something or imbues it with power. The magical schools of Transmutation, Conjuration, Enchantment, Abjuration, Divination and Illusion all use Influential magic, only the Arcane have broken the magic down into the different schools.   The new schools of magic, Hemomancy, Dunamancy, and Technomancy, also draw from the Material Plane, Hemomancy and Technomancy coming from the creatures that live on the plane, and Dunamancy influencing the physics of the world.   Hemomancy, also known as Blood Magic, is used to control people and creatures by influencing the blood that runs through their bodies. Blood Magic is notably used by the Blood Hunter Guilds of Oxdara. The Magic taps into the Life Force of Oxdara itself, drawing on the users own connection to the Life Force to influence the world around them.   Technomancy is the newest school of magic, being used to influence the Constructs and new technologies of the evolving world. From controlling Constructs as extensions of a persons body, to creating surges in power of tech like the Lightboxes, Technomancy is a developing school of magic across Oxdara.   Dunamancy can be broken down into two schools, Graviturgy and Chronomancy, both affecting the physics of the Material plane. Graviturgy affects gravity, influencing the weight of someone or something, creating black holes, or increasing the affect gravity has on a certain area. Chronomancy affects time, influencing the age of a creature, blinking ahead in time to another location close by, and even travelling through time itself, though that last ability is extremely challenging and no one has yet accomplished that feat. No one mortal anyway.  


  Divine magic, once thought by the ancient Erendocian's as the purest form of magic, is magic granted upon people by the Gods. From Cleric and Paladins, to divine blooded sorcerers, Divine magic can be used for heal but also for great destruction.  


  The magic of the Feywild, wild, natural, chaotic and tricky, Fey magic is the closest form of magic to the Life Force there is, much like the Feywild being a mirror of the material plane, Fey magic can be called a mirror of the Life Force. Whilst it can't be used in primordial creation like the Life Force, Fey magic messes with the natural balance of things, making time pass faster or slower, and is what the druid's use when performing rituals.  


  Draconic magic, much like the creatures who wield it, is ancient, powerful, and diverse. Draconic magic, mainly wielded by the Dragons, is the only multi-planar magic, drawing from the Elemental planes, but also from the Feywild, some even using the Influential magic of the material plane. The source of Draconic power comes from Draconic blood, which has lead to mortals being able to wield Draconic magic, Draconic bloodline sorcerers, but even the Dragonborn themselves utilise Draconic magic from their blood in their breath attacks, and resistances to some magic.  


  Shadowmancy and Necromancy are often believed to be one and the same, and whilst linked intrinsically, they are different. Shadowmancy is drawn from the Shadowfell, and was brought to the Material Plane by the Twin Lords Uranus and Inday. Whilst other schools of magic existed in the world since the creation by Bahamut and Tiamat, Shadowmancy paved the way for Necromancy to be developed. Shadowmancy has over time seen less and less use by spellcasters across Oxdara, though those who do wield shadows and darkness do so at the behest of the Raven Queen or, though extremely rare, Inday. Rulers of the Shadowfell, The Raven Queen and Inday, gift the magic to all kinds of people, from sorcerers, to monks, to clerics and paladins; the Raven Queen having her Shadar-Kai, who wield the shadows nearly as well as the Queen herself.   Necromancy, like all magic, isn't inherently evil. Though it's ability to bring souls back from the afterlife, or keep a soul tethered to the Material Plane, many Wizards and magic users do view it as such. Necromancy is an underlying magic school, that exists in many different schools, spells like Cure Wounds or Heal that fall into the Evocation school, actually use Necromancy, though these actions are seen as good, or more accurately, useful to the wider populace, and so not classed in the Necromancy magic school.  

Wild Magic

  No one has been able to explain why Wild Magic exists, only that it has been around almost, if not longer, than the defined types of Magic. As all magic on Oxdara draws from the Life Force, and from the other Planes of Existence, it is theorised that the wild magic comes from a Plane of Existence that has not been discovered. Others theorise that it is remnants from the war against the Old Gods, fought by the Tal when they fled to Oxdara.   Wild magic is mostly linked to the monsters that exist across Oxdara, but it has been known to corrupt or mutate creatures connected to the Life Force. Entities like Vampires, Wild Magic sorcerers, they are entities born of the Life Force, that have Wild Magic inside them or corrupting them. Creatures born entirely of Wild Magic are classed as monstrosities, seeking only to kill creatures and beings of the Life Force.
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