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Royal Polantian Guard



The Royal Polantian Guard is an elite unit made up of no more than 10 Soldiers, chosen from the best of the best across the Polantian Army, Navy and Sheriffs. The unit opperates under the supervision of their Lord Commander, who has historically been the same person as the Chief Commander of Polantia's Army and Navy - only two people have held the title of Lord Commander since its creation in Rularia's 4th era, Prince Vrakdorium Mountbreak, and the current Lord Commander, Prince Ased Erleth.   Each solider upon appointment is knighted as a 'Preatorian', and as the title is extremely exclusive as to who is accepted into the unit, there have barely been 100 Preatorians knighted since the orders creation over 460 years ago.


Each Guard is outfitted with a set of armour - should they use it - from Plate armour to leather armour, and each has a shoulder cape worn over their non dominant hand. During the formation of this unit the cape was a silver silk to represent Queen Mifeath, however after the coronation of Queen Akonth the cape was changed to a gold silk, with copper filigree. The cape is affixed with a metallic chain, with link representative of each metallic Dragon and Dragonborn, the edge is lined with coloured thread representative of each Chromatic Dragon and Dragonborn, and a selection of gemstones lining the bottom to represent each Gemstone Dragon and Dragonborn.


The unit has no set weaponry, each member is given leave to use whatever weapon they prefer to use, from battleaxes and swords, to bows and rifles.


The RPG operate under the command of the Lord Commander, at present Lord Commander Prince Ased Erleth, as well as taking orders directly from the Polantian Monarch, Queen Akonth Erleth. When appointed to the Guard a new recruit or recruits are bound to another member, the pair training together, working together, defending Polantia together. Each pair answers only to themselves, the monarch and the Lord Commander, they can however also answer to the Royal Council only when put on special assignment under them.


Every member of the Royal Guard has undergone training through their service in the Army or the Sheriffs. However, in the preparation the perspective recruits are put through rigorous training and tests, pushing each one to the best of their abilities, bringing them up to their peak, and seeing if they go further or fall down. Only those who go further make it to appointment.



Recruitment for the Royal Polantian Guard is pulled from the ranks of the Sheriff's and Polantian Army and Navy. From new privates to decorated veterans, when selected for the recruitment pool each is treated equally. Normally an offer of recruitment is offered to a prospect after they have performed a great deed in service to Polantia, her people, or their fellow soldiers.    The recruits are pushed to their absolute limit, with tests and training across a wide range of subjects: combat, battle tactics and military expertise, Polantian and Rularian history, perception, endurance, strength and resilience. These tests are designed to find the peak of a recruit, push them right to breaking, and see who pushes further. Those who falter, fail or unimpressed are removed from the program and sent back to their position they came from originally. The unit was created to only accept the best, a mentality that is still held to this day.


Established in Rularia's 4th era, in the years following the War against the Dark Wing Empire and as Queen Mifeath wed Queen Mia'rora, Prince Vrakdorium Mountbreak set about establishing an elite unit of Polantia's greatest fighters to defend the Queen's, and Vrak's siblings. Vrak hand picked 10 perspective recruits from across Polantia's military and Sheriffs, testing them to see who would be worthy, and trusted to defend his family.   The Royal Polantian Guard was established as a legacy by Vrak, a man who was focused solely on the defence and protection of his family. The thought of leaving his family unprotected after his death was a thought that plagued him following the war, and thus he created this guard. A way of ensuring his families protection after his death.   Many critics of the Polantian Monarchy were outspoken when Vrak handed down his title as Lord Commander, as well as the Chief Commander title, down to his brother Prince Ased. The biggest criticism was the existence of nepotism in the monarchy, handing down such important titles to Ased just to keep control in the family. However, Ased was chosen after being subjected to the same rigorous tests and training that the other perspective Lord Commanders faced.   The title was passed down to Ased in the year 90 BDR, when Vrakdorium stepped back from his public titles to enjoy his old age and retirement now the Dragon princes and princesses were grown. Vrak held the position for 94 years, founding the units, and establishing the ethos of only accepting the best. When Ased was established as a Praetorian, he was the first Dragon to be knighted into the unit, and under him more Dragons began to be knighted, especially in the years following the Draconic Resurgence, when more Dragon's made their home in Polantia.  

List of Praetorians

    Below is the comprised list of each Praetorian appointed to the Royal Polantian Guard, their species, what military group they came from, their duration of service, their partner, as well as their cause of death. When CoD is listed as Old age, the end of service date is listed as the year of their retirement, with their deaths following years after.    
First Appointment - 184 BDR
  • Sizond the Black Wave - Black Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (184 - 146 BDR), Partner to Phebis Secondwind - CoD: Killed in battle 146 BDR
  • Phebis Secondwind - Tiefling, Polantian Army, (184 - 132 BDR), Partner to Sizond the Black Wave, Later partnered to Laldon the Whisper in White - CoD: Old age, year 101 BDR
  • Laldon the Whisper in White - White Dragonborn, Capital Sheriff ,(184 - 132 BDR), Partner to , Later partnered to Phebis Secondwind - CoD: Illness due to old age, year 98 BDR
  • Zelura Eagle Eye - Half-Elven Half-Human, Polantian Navy, (184 - 146 BDR), Partner to Laldon the Whisper in White - CoD: Killed in battle 146 BDR
Second Appointment - 146 BDR
  • Timphos Lavawalker - Red Dragonborn, Sheriff Detectives, (146 - 92 BDR), Partner to Velmik the Spark - CoD: Died at sea on trade mission to Venka
  • Velmik the Spark - Blue Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (146 - 92 BDR), Partner to Timphos Lavawalker - CoD: Died at sea on trade mission to Venka
  • Qivaris Nomos, The Moon Blade - Wood Elf, Polantian Navy, (146 - 0 DR), Partner to Arjixok the Bronze Horn, later Darnin Green Tongue, and later Iccakirgad the Icy Death - CoD: Still alive, retired, living in Oldaasoluth
  • Arjixok the Bronze Horn - Bronze Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (146 - 99 BDR), Partner to Qivaris Nomos - CoD: Old Age, year 69 BDR
Third Appointment - 95 BDR
  • Darnin Green Tongue - Green Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (95 - 44 BDR), Partner to Qivaris Nomos - CoD: Old Age, year 12 BDR
  • Cruphok Shatter Steel - Gold Dragonborn, Capital Sheriff, (95 - 42 BDR), Partner to Namith Hammer's Breath - CoD: Old Age, year 11 BDR
  • Namith Hammer's Breath - Goliath, Sheriff, (95 - 42 BDR), Partner to Cruphok Shatter Steel - CoD: Died defending Cruphok
  • Prince Ased Erleth - Half Bronze Half Gold Dragon, (95 - 90 BDR), Partner to Gilrid Acid Belcher - CoD: Still Alive, Prince of Polantia, Lord Commander of the Royal Polantian Guard, Chief Commander of Polantia's Military
  • Gilrid Acid Belcher - Black Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (95 - 90 BDR), Partner to Prince Ased Erleth - CoD: Killed in battle defending Princess Akonth and Princess Brazess on a journey to Erendoc
Fourth Appointment - 90 BDR
  • Quirie Aeshia, the Raven Haired Healer - Firbolg, Polantian Army, (90 BDR - 89 DR), Partner to Kaapekman Shimmerhorn, later Myirnal Titan Breaker, later Tharrhash Ram Horn, later Ripple Whitewave - CoD: Still alive, retired, working as teacher at the Mia'rora Erleth Teaching Hospital in combat medicine
  • Kaapekman Shimmerhorn - Blue Dragonborn, Sheriff Detectives, (90 - 35 BDR), Partner to Quirie Aeshia - CoD: Old Age, year 2 BDR
  • Thephinthis Flametouched - Brass Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (90 - 39 BDR), Partner to Fuurnas Coal Eater - CoD: Old Age, year 0 BDR
  • Fuurnas Coal Eater - Half Black Half Red Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (90 - 40 BDR), Partner to Thephinthis Flametouched - CoD: Died preventing an assassination attempt on Queen Mifeath
Fifth Appointment - 42 BDR
  • Iccakirgad the Icy Death - White Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (42 BDR - 0 DR), Partner to Qivaris Nomos - CoD: Old Age, year 3 DR
  • Ulkiak the Broken Blade - Half Bronze Half Brass Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (42 - 2 BDR), Partner Sayis Greatblade - CoD: Old Age, year 6 DR
  • Sayis Greatblade - Tiefling, Sheriff, (42 - 12 BDR), Partner Ulkiak the Broken Blade - CoD: Old Age, year 0 DR
  • Myirnal Titan Breaker - Silver Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (42 BDR - 2 DR), Partner to Quirie Aeshia - CoD: Old Age, year 11 DR
Sixth Appointment - 30BDR (All current Praetorians reaffirm thier pledge to the new Queen, Queen Akonth)
  • Ilethed the Great Spark - Copper Dragon, Polantian Navy, (30 BDR - 156 DR), Partner to Citrine the Dark Opal, later Damlech Lorrin, and later Valkin Reedbrand - CoD: Still alive, living in Yrario, Royal advisor to the Polantian Military
  • Citrine the Dark Opal - Earth Genasi, Polantian Army, (30 BDR - 4 DR), Partner to Ilethed the Great Spark - CoD: Old Age, year 10 DR
  • Deltun Sea Cleaver - Blue Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (30 BDR - 3 DR), Partner to Sheastish Umberlea's Warrior - CoD: Old Age, year 16 DR
  • Sheastish Umberlea's Warrior - Silver Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (30 BDR - 5 DR), Partner to Deltun Sea Cleaver - CoD: Old Age, year 21 DR
  • Hared Brokenjaw - Half Orc Half Goliath, Capital Sheriff, (30 BDR - 4 DR), Partner to Filkis the Second Sun - CoD: Old Age, year 11 DR
  • Filkis the Second Sun - Red Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (30 BDR - 6 DR), Partner to Hared Brokenjaw - CoD: Old Age, year 24 DR
Seventh Appointment - 4 DR
  • Tharrhash Ram Horn - Green Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (4 - 47 DR), Partner to Quirie Aeshia - CoD: Old Age, year 62  DR
  • Storm Lightwind - Air Genasi, Sheriff Detective, (4 - 45 DR), Partner to Umric Red Fist - CoD: Old Age, year 60 DR
  • Umric Red Fist - Half Red Half Green Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (4 - 45 DR), Partner to Storm Lightwind - CoD: Old Age, year 71 DR
  • Kernor Sparklight - Bronze Dragonborn, Polantian Army, (4 - 46 DR), Partner to Queona Roseleaf - CoD: Died defending Prince Zidos on a journey to Venka
  • Queona Roseleaf - Half Elf Half Earth Genasi, Sheriff, (4 - 68 DR), Partner to Kernor Sparklight, later Tilmur the Great Sapphire - CoD: Old Age, year 76 DR
  • Damlech Lorrin - Tiefling, Polantian Navy, (4 - 48 DR), Partner to Ilethed the Great Spark - CoD: Killed protecting Polantian Artefacts from theft
Eight Appointment - 48 DR
  • Ripple Whitewave - Water Genasi, Polantian Navy, (48 - 89 DR) Partner to Quirie Aeshia - CoD: Old Age, year 103 DR
  • Tilmur the Great Sapphire - Sapphire Dragonborn, Polantian Navy, (48 - 68 DR), Partner to Queona Roseleaf - CoD: Killed in expansion trip for the Polantian Colonies
  • Valkin Reedbrand - Halfling, Polantian Army, (48-234 DR) - CoD: Alive, retired acting as consultant to the Lord Commander.
  • Aemostar The Gifted - Gold Dragon, Polantian Navy, (48 DR - Present Day) Partner to Charger Boltweaver
  • Charger Boltweaver - Warforged, Polantian Army, (48 DR - Present Day) Partner to Aemostar The Gifted
4e145 / 184 BDR
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ranks & Titles


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