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Basic Information


Halflings are on average short, stout bipedal creatures, with two arms and two legs, and are plantigrades, walking on the soles of their feet with their five toes flat on the ground. Each hand has four fingers and thumb.   Halflings like all Rularian species evolved from the Tal, and much like thier Dwarven cousins, of whom they share Ixmoria, Halflings evolved to be far shorter than their ancestors. Many researchers believe this to be a subsequent evolutions having evolved from the Dwarves who ventured out of their underground cities. Living on the surface the Halflings had to face many predators and as such became a very brave and nimble species, their connection to the life force of Oxdara also granting them some magical luck in times of strife.

Biological Traits

Lightfoot Halflings are naturally stealthy, being able to hide in the most obscure places, including behind another creatures. They are naturally more charismatic, being able to talk their way into a good trade deal, or out of trouble.  
Much closer to their Dwarven cousins the stout halflings have a natural resilience against poisons, and are naturally more hearty, making great alchemists and have been known to out drink Dwarves and Orcs on occasion.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like all Tal descendants, Halflings are mammalian and reproduce via internal fertilisation and a live birth after 9 months.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

All Halflings grow body and facial hair, though not to the same degree as their Dwarven cousins on the beard fronts, they are also know to have particularly hairy lower limbs - feet and legs - some theorise that this is due to an evolutionary advantage to stay warm when wading through water, or to protect against harsh needles and thorns in bushes. They have slightly pointed ears, and some Halfling children could and have been mistaking as Dwarves.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Halflings have come to spread all across Oxdara, but most remain in the fields and plains of Ixmoria, and Dragontide to a degree.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Halflings have a rich tradition of oral retellings of stories so their language is very hard to come by in the written form, however all Halflings speak Halfling, and the written form uses the Dwarvish script. Most Ixmorian Halflings will also speak Dwarvish - or Ixmorian as its also known - and Rularian common.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

A large focal point of Halfling culture is the oral telling of stories
Scientific Name
Talis Halfien
The Tal
230 - 260 Years
Average Height
2"10' - 3"4'
Average Weight
30 - 50lbs
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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