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Gartoro Energy Manipulation - EM


  The discovery of being able to use Miloran Crystals as a power source through refinement happened around 200 years before the Draconic resurgence, by the Artificers Guild in Aetherland. However the level of power and crystal that could be refined at this time was much smaller and lower, and it saw the creation of technology like the Lightboxes and the lifts in Aetherland. It was only after the Draconic resurgence, with the influx of new Draconic and primordial magic into Oxdara that larger and larger crystals could be refined and used as batteries. The discovery of the Gatoro Energy manipulation was the catalyst for Gatoro Enterprises to begin development on new weapons, ships and technologies, all starting with Ms. Millix Gatoro.   Millix Gatoro was a member of the Artificer's Guild in Aetherland, working to understand the Miloran crystals more. For some reason after the Vault's were destroyed in 184 BDR the Miloran Crystals around Aetherland began growing stronger, and the large crystal that had sat under the Guild's halls, which historically held the building aloft above the city, saw power return to it. It would be some years before the chains that held the building up after the crystal 'died' would be able to be removed, not until after the Draconic resurgence. Millix was tasked with understanding these crystals, and insuring that the large crystal would be strong enough to hold up the building itself, in purpertuity.   Millix's research began with developing the understanding already had about the crystals, that they could be used as conduits or storage for magical energy, and fed or were connected to the Life Force of Oxdara. Millix posited that the Vaults were draining that Life Force and magic from the crystals, and whilst the smaller crystals were able to be refined in the past, since the Draconic Resurgence the Life Force was empowered with strong magic, restoring the connection to the larger crystals. She also proposed that due to this influx of magic, the crystals ability as storage might be able to manipulate the magic, or energy stored, for greater purposes than Lightboxes or lifts.   It was at this point Millix took a team of Artificers and other beings capable of controlling magic to an mine in the Carlwater mountains to locate as large a crystal as they could, for the basis of this new research. Using smaller crystals to begin with, the team found that they could one use themselves to transfer energy from one crystal to another. Two, they could recharge a crystal with their own magic. Three, the crystals refined form could be used to power automatons for longer than other energy storage.   Millix took this research, leaving what they had with the Guild, but took her team to found a new company to develop this research further, having had disagreements with the Guild's want for the research. This team founded Gatoro Enterprises, where in they pushed their research further and discovered a new feat of technology. The combination of Science and Magic, Energy Manipulation - or EM for short.
Access & Availability
The base research and accessibility to the understanding of the technology is available to all members of the Artificers Guild, however the specific details pertaining to its use in Weapons, Airships or other Gatoro technologies are held by Gatoro Enterprises themselves.


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