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When played well, the sound is unique and haunting, reminiscent of a frozen forest in the deep reaches of Ember Hollow. When played poorly, I would rather spend an hour listening to nails being dragged over a chalkboard.
— Music critic
  Primarily used in Ember Hollow, the frozbam-ukla is a notoriously difficult instrument to play, requiring not just knowledge of music but knowledge of temperature.   Composed of a convoluted series of pipes that can technically be carried by one individual, the frozbam-ukla is played by manipulating a series of slides and levers found along the sides of those tubes, which force air through the tubes and a series of holes, making the sounds. The tubes are made from a silver alloy (second metal suspected but unknown).   The real difficulty comes from the fact that particular pipes must be kept at particular temperatures, or the sound won't be right. And by "not right", I mean the best that can be said is it sounds like a dying goat. A frozbam-ukla player must keep a variety of temperature-manipulating items nearby, such as ice cubes or a blow torch.   Thermometers are frowned upon as a child's tool. The true player must be able to match temperature for each note by instinct. Each note requires a particular formation of temperature, which means a longer song must be prepared for meticulously. Frozbam-ukla composers are considered to be particularly skilled, since their pieces must take the temperature manipulation times into account.   As one might guess, poor composers are often hunted down by musicians and audience members alike.   Frozbam-ukla concerts are rare, as gaining the proficiency to consistently play a piece all the way through takes a long time, and is rather painful on one's ears in the process. Most people give up when they take damage to the ear drums early in the process.
Item type
Musical Instrument
Raw materials & Components
Silver is definitely involved, but as to what other materials might be included in the construction of the frozbam-ukla I cannot fathom. It is certainly an arcane art.


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