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Disember Inn (dis-Em-ber-in)

Is it a misspelling of "December"? Is it a typo of "dismember"? Who knows. Both apply.
— Dag Mention, member of the Solemika Seven
Disember Inn is a rather unusual waypoint traditionally associated with the cult of the Horn of Mezkeni. Or at least, it is now, after the cult took the Inn from the Rinifen. As such, the Inn is a particular amalgam of architectural styles, and that's without taking into account the fact that it exists as an extradimesional space.    


The building, when it exists in this plane of existence, looks like a plain brown box of a structure, with an ordinary roof made of slate tiles. It has a porch. It has no visible windows, only a single door.  


  Rather different than the exterior would suggest. The entry hall is a magnificent space with a vaulted ceiling and inlaid silver enchanted to remain untarnished for all eternity.   The space is impossible to map, for the most part. There is a central chamber that forms the most common tavern space of the building, the primary meeting space and thus function of the building, and this room is simple to find. Everything else is a matter of near random change to locate. There are possibly rooms to sleep in, but you are just as likely to find baths, or perhaps a wine cellar.  


  As first a creation of the Rinifen and then the chosen lair of a cult, the building does not normal exist where it can be found. It is summoned by a particular combination of notes played on the Horn of Mezkeni, and once found the physical exterior will follow the person around, usually at a discrete distance but occasionally right up close. It is theorized that the building gets lonely.   The connection to the Horn is noteworthy, in that the Horn is also intimately connected to Zhomek's Inferno and the associated periodic disasters. No connection has specifically been made between the building and the doomsday, and there may be none considering the inn was first recorded about a thousand years after the first such disaster. But there is still some kind of association.  

Why the Name?

  While it is entirely possible, even likely, that the name is merely a play on words meant to confound and render potential customers uneasy, there are several theories as to the dual nature of the name.   First, that it sounds exactly like the month "December", traditionally stated to be a winter month and thus associated with cold for a large number of the travelers we receive. It is true that the inn boasts an unusually low temperature, and that there is a sub-floor that consists entirely of walls made of ice that never melts. It's also entirely possible that this was a variant of the last name of the person who built it initially, since December is a common Rinifen family name.   Second, that someone was trying to write the word "dismember" and either forgot the first "m" or else ran out of room on the sign. The letters are unusually cramped, so this is entirely a possibility. It's not entirely fair to the inn, as it is by all accounts quite a friendly building and gracious to its guests. The problem is that the present primary guests are rather psychopathic cultists who are not so friendly to other guests.   It is nearly possible to tell if dismemberment is a regular occurrence at the inn. It does such a good job of cleaning itself up that if any gruesome crimes had happened, they would be covered up quickly. To those now concerned about their safety within the Inn, it is worth noting that the Inn itself is simply eager to please, apparently. It is not going to kill you, even at the behest of another honored guest. But it also will tidy up whether this is the best response or not.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the Inn was to be a safe place in the event of a cataclysmic emergency like a doomsday. It was created by the Rinifen, who are notoriously secretive and isolationist. The magic used in crafting the building was such that during the first apocalypse after it was created, it tied itself to the Horn of Mezkeni so that it would always have a purpose in helping save people from that disaster by placing them in a pocket dimension.


The building has undergone several alterations, most of which were self-made. The building wishes to please, and as such its internal structures are continually shifting and changing to ensure maximum potential for keeping guests happy enough to stay. Interestingly, the building seems to hold to the principle that this does not mean ecstatically happy, necessarily. Pleased and content, and occasionally surprised.   What is more noteworthy about the building is the elements that do not change. The primary tavern space on the main floor remains largely unaltered, matching what most people would expect from a building like what it is. The sub-floor that's mainly ice doesn't change much.   And then, of course, there's the Tower. Its true function is largely redacted from any details that ever leave the Inn, and as such it might be assumed to be intensely connected to the Horn and that whole mess.


Mainly Rinifen in design, with large open spaces and bright airy windows. There are a significant number of reflective surfaces to be found all around the decor. Except for the spaces that are close and warm and full of soft lighting. Mainly the former quality, though.


Its primary defenses are incidental to its purpose, rather than having been crafted deliberately. The fact that the Inn can only be summoned into this realm by a particular song played only on the Horn of Mezkeni means that it is mostly outside the general reality that we know, and thus everyone inside is also safe from that general reality.   Its other defense is how moveable it is. The exterior will literally follow the horn holder around, ready to serve and learn about someone new and different. And the interior is constantly changing to suit the needs of the guests, except when it doesn't because reasons. It is the very unpredictability of all of it that makes it so difficult for any with ill intent to navigate the halls.


Probably crafted by the Rinifen, and at the very least used by them extensively for a few centuries. Then it was coopted by the Cult of Zeminek and has been one of their sort of bases within the world. Or rather, without it.


None. When it was owned entirely by the Rinifen, it was kept isolated as per their preference, and only those of their kind with particular qualifications were ever permitted to go to the Inn. Now, it's just cultists.
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Mar 22, 2022 18:04 by Michael Chandra

Remember dismember december worldember and I just tripped my mental tongue.   Sounds like a fun place to explore! And I feel sorry for the house getting lonely. Would it like a hug, or just a guest?

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
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Thanks for reading! It needs guests. Cultists are not good patrons and it's rather desperate for something pleasant to happen. :)

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If you're seeing this, I may have used your article for my 2023 Reading Challenge.
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