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Cloud Racing

Very popular in the more magical countries, cloud racing is somewhat self-explanatory. One creates a cloud, climbs on, and then must somehow propel oneself across the sky to a set point without touching the ground or losing control of the cloud. Dying is a disqualifier. (An important distinction to make, since some people have been known to bespell their clouds to carry on to the end point after the magician has died.)   It is quite the entertaining way to spend an afternoon, and terribly relaxing. All the spectators must do is lay on the ground and watch small fluffy clouds make their way from one high point to another.


The rules of the race are quite simple: a start and end point are set, usually at some high point in the world. Then a single racer will use their magical prowess to gather a cloud. The type of cloud can be whatever they like, and the method can be whatever spell or object they have, as long as it's not scientific in nature.   They they must be able to get on the cloud, somehow, and ride that cloud to the end point. The racers usually must attempt to balance their energies so they can both maintain the cloud and the spell needed to propel it, but some races are designed so that the wind propels all of them, and as such it is more a matter of the racer being able to remain balanced.   No one is permitted to deliberately knock another racer off course. It is a challenge of skill, not a battle.

Components and tools

The tools involved can depend on the techniques that the racers use to generate their clouds. For the race organizers, standard equipment is a set of matching light sticks to mark the beginning and end points of the race, as well as some type of aerial vehicle or viewer to keep an eye on the racers and make sure that they're playing fairly.


Each racer is meant to act alone, so a race can consist of however many people sign up. Depending on the race, there can be anywhere from three to a hundred organizers, to mark who wins and keep an eye on the track itself, as well as keep outsiders from interfering.

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