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The God of Chaos & Lightning, Rebellion & Destruction, Fortune & Luck

"Blazing Scrios, you’re a lucky man."
Caillte to Himself on a Special Occasion


Unlike their sibling Raidhse, Scrios lives up to their ruthless reputation. Scrios is a trickster god, a god of cunning and wit, devoted to knowledge and chaos above all things. This shapeshifting, angry, fun-loving agent of chaos can often be found taking the form of a serpent curled up in a patch of their precious royal thistle and hemlock, or else lashing out against the earth in a thundering flash of lightning. After all, it was their mighty crack that crafted the powerful sigils of the gods, and gifted this knowledge to man.

According to legend, Scrios is the only god blessed (or cursed) with knowledge of the final death of all things -- a secret they have kept for as long as time has existed. With this knowledge came a deeper understanding of the workings of the world, and from that understanding, Scrios learned to twist the energies of the universe through magic. It is their task to to ensure that the fate of all comes to pass, as it was written in the nothing that came before the gods.

Worship and Ritual

To make Scrios laugh is to be a lucky man, and to impress them is to live a fortunate life -- but to disappoint, anger, or scorn them is certain death. The followers of Scrios are either insufferable yet cunning pranksters, or those of immense intellect. You are as likely to find them laying traps as you are to hear their teachings as scholars or philosophers. To take Scrios as your patron is to walk the immeasurably thin line between the pursuit of knowledge and utter madness.

As the god most given to thought, wit, and cunning pursuits, Scrios is a patron of the arts. Those that seek their blessing will often compose lines of verse and prose, and leave them stuck to the prickly thorns of the god's beloved thistles. It is common practice to devote any theatrical performance to Scrios, but a poor show may leave you more entrenched in chaos than before you hit those well worn boards.

However, the most sacred rituals of all to this powerful deity are those that deal with fortune telling and magic. Thistle scattering is a common practice in most homes, particularly before any major life event. However, thistle scrying is the one true way to this god's heart. (See:Royal Thistle) Scrios looks kindly on those who would endure pain and social scorn for the sake of knowledge -- or so the stories say.

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