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One Shots

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game
In the world of Outer World

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For Ches

46 years after the events that saw The Masters fall - we join Willhelm, Po, Blaze, and Long Axe as they journey towards Stronghold in the Northen reach of the west coast.

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The Setting

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  • Map of Outer World
  • Map of Stronghold
  • Map of Shimmerwind Isle

    This nation consists on one large main island, about 100 miles long and 120 miles wide. Dribbled around the outskirts of the water are many smaller islands. These smaller island to the north are the main fishing posts for the people of this nation. While the land of the north is populated, much of the southern half of the island is still uncharted. It is separated by a huge mountain range that runs straight through the middle. The landscape is vastly tropical, with varying vegetation of fruits and palms, and creatures varying from lizard-like land dwellers to aquatic beings. in the distance from the shore, the eye can see nothing but ocean, until it transitions into nothing but a blue blur at the horizon. Each morning two suns rise from the distance, as if appearing out of the blue mists beyond the horizon.