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Twin-Rivers Point

Hundreds of years ago when the rending first occurred, the rival Cities of Verin and New Auris traded freely with one another using magical transport. With the sudden absence of magic, older ways were re-engineered and the two cities, connected by the Plain’s Drift, and Arrowhead rivers saw a renewed fervor in water transport. River barges and fishing boats would meet at the intersection of the two rivers and a small trading post emerged. Centuries later, a thriving town emerged loosely governed by both Kolos and Levant. Though under the old dragon masters domain, the city was effectively, though unofficially governed by the aristocratic class of the merchant and banking families who set the prices of goods and services for the upcoming seasons.   While in public, these families were the perfect picture of class and elegance, each tried to outdo the other, forging ever-changing alliances with one another, laying financial traps, and when able, sabotage. While the upper crust feuded, the working and trading classes enjoyed relative peace. Those who were not suited to the farming life found new opportunities as laborers or tradesmen. With the influx of goods, demand was low and afforded them a decent quality of life.   Kolos and Levant stationed a proportionately adequate garrison of soldiers from both regions and aside from skimming a little off the top of trades for themselves, largely left the townsfolk to their tasks. Bolstered by a small contingent of warforged, the daily activities left the soldiers with a lot of easy time. Bored by the mundane habits, many turned to the cities underbelly for excitement where gangs of thieves and mob bosses battled for turf and selling territories for bootlegged goods.   Currently the city has undergone drastic changes. With the sudden destruction of Verin, prices have gone into chaos. While not starving, the population’s demands on clothing and raw materials have driven many to crime. Gangs have become more prevalent now and stricter laws have been passed to keep the peace. A noticeable uptick in guard and warforged sentries can be found in the city and the outdated prisons are being quickly filled up. A traveler to Twin-Rivers would find the city very active – but easy to find trouble.

Guilds and Factions

  • Crimson Slicers
  • Blackshanks
  • Red Crows
  • Old Guard
Large town
Location under

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