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The Masters

Within the central district of the city of Verin, known as Gol, houses the ministry and security of the continent, The Masters.   All country matters and exploration plans are decided here.   The ministry is comprised of five members...
Ved of Umbra
Bii of Levant
Graag of Kolos
Sahqo of Feyn
Sot of Silver Plains


A represenative from each country is chosen by their people to have a seat among the Masters. This person will hold their seat until death or willfully stepping down from their position. Most of the Masters are high ranking individuals from their home country.
Governmental, Ministry
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
  • Bii

    Master of Levant

  • Graag

    Master of Kolos

  • Sahqo

    Master of Feyn

  • Sot

    Master of Silver Plains

  • Ved

    Master of Umbra

Associates when needed

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