A blue glow illuminates the atmosphere as each day begins with a rising blue sun. A yellow sun follows behind and gives chase, only to come up short every evening as the horizon gives way to radiant blue hues.

Beneath the two suns dance of color across the skies, you find a world that has run out of magic. A council now manages the small traces of magic that remain in the world. The leaders have learned a way to harness the power from great elementals and create stones from that power they can use in place of magic.

Over time, the lack of real magic has taken a toll on the lands and they are spreading out looking to find a way to cultivate their land again and restore it's vitality.

With these stones they are harnessing, technology has boomed because sources of magic are now itemized instead of harnessed by individuals. Think steampunk, but with ranges of powerful stones instead of steam.

Created by

GM Leigh @GM.Leigh

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The Hand (Red Hand)

Based in Haven and led by Edward Teech


Each member of The Hand wears an emblem of a red hand to show their alliance with the faction.

Each emblem refers to the rank and individual holds within. A captain wears a red mark with all five fingers extended, while a first mate displays four fingers and crew with three fingers extended.

Non crew personel that are members of the faction wear a mark of two or one finger extended based on how long they have served within the faction.

Groups, individuals, or places friendly to The Hand will display a red fist as a sign of safety towards fellow members.


They control all trade in and out of Haven.

Currently their fleet has 53 ships. 32 of those ships are air vessels, the other 21 are water based ships.


Founded in the year 178, by three ship captains Stancliff Orfeo of Mirage, Harley Gabriel of Sea Angel, and Torr Leviathan of Leviathan.

The Hand was a group of smugglers that decided to pull their resources together and create a better environment for them to thrive. Before the faction was formed, pirates were seen as uncivilized thugs who's only purpose was pillaging the unexpected. With the broader resources, the pirates were able to take on contact work through requests from the southern lands and thus created a name for themselves.

Over the next 15 years, their three ships grew into well over 45 ships across all the lands. In the year 213 the faction joined with a group of informants known as The Confident and a group of mercenaries known only to the leaders of the two other factions to form Haven.

Illicit, Pirate Crew
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

Partners in Haven

Associates when needed

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