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Obsidian Forest

Nestled in the center of Umbra, the Obsidian Forest stands tall and silent. The locals say the forest is full of creatures that have never seen the full light of the sun, and once you enter their land, you will never be able to leave. A path has been constructed through the agreement of the city of Silver Falls and a circle of Druids that reside within the forest. The path leads to the town of Mossgrasp and has been marked as the only neutral territory within the forest.


This forest is thick and said to be that of a maze. With the large trees that inhabit the area, it’s easy to get turned around and lost within.

Flora & Fauna

The trees within the forest, known as obsidian trees, are like the giants among trees. They stand up to 500 feet tall when fully grown and atleast 40 feet in diameter, their wood is black and as hard as diamond. The canopy of the trees is thick, causing the area to be lit as if in a constant state of dusk. Many types of fungi has flourished in the area, many of which are bio illuminated giving off a brilliance of colored lights.   Creatures within the forest very from things said to be only that of legends to a village of sprites that live within the canopy. Many travelers who have taken the path to Mossgrasp have seen the likes of Minotaurs, unicorns, trolls, dryads, and many other fantastical creatures. Most of these beings will leave the travelers alone as long as they stay on the marked path.

Natural Resources

The wood from the Obsidian Trees is harvested within Mossgrasp, and fetches a high price due to its durability.   Special fungi only grows within the area. Most are used as ingredients for potions and ointments. The purple and blue caps have many healing capabilities, while the orange puffballs have a hypnotic property about them.
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