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Haven is a smugglers metropolis, built deep into the face of a grand mountain accessible only by airship or elevator, usually a small tugboat with a single lift stone (see Elemental Stones).  

'Some places are best explored by getting lost first. Haven is the sort of city you want to embrace being anonymous.' - Fenton Strongarm Delthrannix
  The main docks are in the business level of Haven. A very large disk like cavern, cut into of the mountain with 50 foot ceilings. Just inside the dock area are a barrage of carts and hecklers dealing in foods, trinkets, soaps, and just about anything else one could want after stepping off a ship after many months of travel. Once past, the crowds disperse as a maze of streets lead to a trove of other shops and boutiques. Larger buildings can be seen in the distance, some many stories high.   The roads and buildings are mainly build from stone, while very few building and the majority of the carts are crafted from heavy hard woods.   Just about anything can be bought here, if you know the right people to ask.


All species and races are welcome to Haven. You may walk past a group of High Elves speaking with a group of Tortles with Kenku friends.


A mostly self governed city, though overseen by the three top mercenary groups of the area: The Hand (Red Hand), The Confident, & third mysterious group.


Goblins Dragon's Trove - Trinkets/Pawn - Info - Godfrey Cid - Goblin Dragonborn
Runes and Relics - Not metal armor/weapons - Nithard Boulderhill - Halfling
Cures and Curses - Potion shop - Leesha Boulderhill - Halfling
Iron Sphinx - Metal Weapons/Armor - Info to Tala - Girfout Ashbringer - Dwarf
Dwarven Beard - Traveling Supplies/Soaps - Kammana Earthbeard - Dwarf
Maylin Measures - Clothing - Info - Maylin Jofina - Elf
Protection and Pokes - Armor, weapons, accessories (fakes, knock offs, second hands, scams) - info - Galan Olara - Info
The Glass Yeti - Edric Fark - Human
Graceful Vampire - Angie Jinx ‘The Kraken’ - Half Elf
False Siren - Lora Vome
Regal Bay - $$$$ - Edwin Remington - Elf
Knowable Canyon - $$$$ - Isabelle - Gnome
Primal Mountain - $$ - Aurora Laz - Human
Grand Nimbus - $$$ - Grey - Human
The Lords Grove - $ - Xugaa - Half orc


Haven was settled by a parlay of the three faction that run the city. They created a peaceful agreement in hopes to help and promote each other.


The city is crafted into a series of caverns built into the side of a huge mountain. Most of the buildings are created from the rocks from within the mountain, as a ways to reuse the materials.


Haven is built into the natural caverns of a tall mountain range on the southern shores of the northern continent. The many layers of wide caverns have been opened up and built out to be the home for the grand smugglers city.

Natural Resources

Haven is rich in coal, iron, and gemstone.
Included Locations
Dragon's Trove
Owning Organization
The Hand (Red Hand)

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