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Alka, The First

Stories go back for hundreds of generations about Alka, the Shimmerwind. Alka is said to have been the first being of this land, a land of barren desert plains. Alka knew of life, and knew how to harness the power to give life and let grow. Over time the once flat, barren sands began to shift and come alive. The land grew hills and valleys from which rivers sprung and created lush forest and grasslands, and from those lands sprouted individual life. An ecosystem was born, overseen by Alka’s graceful watch. Beasts began to wander the lands, feeding from the vegetation and in return letting the vegetation feed from them.   Over time, the land itself began to grow out of control. The beasts that roamed the now fertile landscape could not keep up with the ever growing vegetation. Alka saw the rampant growth and knew something needed to be done before the land devoured itself out of existence. Dividing the land in two equal halves, a vast ridge of mountains were created in hopes to stunt the growth of the now arrogant landscape. These mountains harness no known life and are said to calm the feral land beyond with their shadows and rocky soil.  

"Prophecy states that one day the impassable mountains may open and the careful balance that Alka set there could break." - Mantis
  Alka knew that the presence of these mountains alone would not be enough to calm the land of its chaos. Thus we are here; we aid in the control. Over the centuries, our people have cultivated the lands, almost as if dividing it into regions of harmonious unions. We have learned the ways of harnessing the lands and controlling them within our being. Alka taught us appropriate ways to harness this flow of energy and control it.   Alka watches over us still, seeing as the second sun, but has left people in control of our land.

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