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Out of Body/Terra's Children

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2327 A.D.- For a hundreds of years mankind has reached for the stars, and for much of that has attained its dreams. Untold worlds have felt the presence of humanity, Terra's children sought the space to grow, to learn, to shed the sins and conflicts of the past in pursuit of a better world. For a time space would be a great divider, but this would soon pass, and once again mankind would unite under the banners of war.   While humanity searched the stars for new homes, new meanings, and new life, they overlooked something else; the rise of intelligence molded by their hands in their own image; AI's. Initially feared, studied, and dissected, AI's have come to be an integral part of humanity in its journey between the stars. Yet for all that they are little regarded, sentient but not human, despite the touch of humanity that resides within them all.   And on the fringes of known space, a new threat quietly emerges.