IV Conclusion: Out of the Dungeon and Into Insara Report

General Summary

Our Adventure picked up in the Inexplicable Dungeon. Briefly, within a few rounds: All the coffins were opened: they contained Rosa, a fellow from your former village (!), Stanis (!!!) and ... A necrotic mist rising from some oily goo: this attacked Mark & killed his fingers to death, Saji prevented the necrosis from spreading, Vrmsk rolled a barrel of wine over for pain relief + sterilization, and Mark sawed his withered fingers off. Orond gathered a pair of skulls to decorate his antlers (one from the coffin room, one from a dead prisoner). 3 Large Web Hunters came up from the grate at the end of the long corridor. Elkhazel displaced one of the Web Hunters & accidentally displaced herself, too. One wounded Vrmsk before he, together with Mark and Skayma, put the last two down. Orond found a hidden door behind running water in the Torture Chamber. On the other side: a cave system!   The cave system was gently lit from above. Our Adventurers moved further in, encountering a bright mist and a shore covered in bottled messages. Each message was identical, and read: "The hunters are here. The corruption is coming."   Beyond the bottles was the glowing outline of The Limping Lady herself. As Our Intrepid Adventurers boldly made their way to the ship the mist brightened and thickened around them until they were enveloped in warmth and light. They woke to find themselves in their beds (or, in Saji's case, sleeping with her egg beneath the ship) and morning breaking. Robin woke, too! Hurrah!   But there was no sign of Elkhazel, who must have actually displaced herself -- to be true the other Adventurers only figured this out when they needed her for translation & she wasn't around.   Though Our Adventurers had only dungeon-crawled in their dreams, & had no wounds, the loot they'd collected was found around the ship. A rich wood bookcase appeared in the bunkroom, stocked with volumes from the adventure; the storage niches around the beds held new weapons; and the Sickly Treasure Chest was gone, with 7 real heaps of gold coins in its place.   Fast forward some conversations with the yeti and a couple days' travel across the frozen Southern plains: the yeti waved Our Cool Adventurers & their Cool Ship over to a sheltered, rocky outcropping about half an hour's travel from walls of Insara. All that could be seen of the city was a long expanse of low ice wall, about shoulder height for a human. Orond, who has excellent vision, watched as Stanis, Sasha, Olga, Yanna and their companions approached the "gates" -- an opening in the wall were met by group of yeti guards mill. Surrounded by the guards, Stanis; company dropped their weapons, left all their supplies behind and were escorted into the city.   Our Intrepid Adventurers fell back on the plan they'd devised with Stanis: to enter the city separately and find his aunt Magda, proprietor of the "Crown and Trident" inn. They left the ship tucked near the outcropping as it began camouflaging itself and trekked to the city. Robin smoothed the way past the two guards, who didn't seem to be expecting any trouble, and concealed his fluency in their language.   A wide valley opened out before them on the other side of the wall, across it sprawling the ice-buildings of Insara. Before them the land dropped away, covered by spires, flat rooftops, boulevards, twisting alleys, arched bridgeways, steeply pitched stairs, switchbacked roads, and bottoming out in a river frozen around a long, thin island.   To their right hand lay, across rough terrain, a section of the city that seemed to be home. To the left, the direction indicated by the guards and dictated by Stanis' instructions, was the head of a switchback road into the heart of Insara. Our Sure-Footed Adventurers followed the road into the city's center and easily found the Crown & Trident. A burly yeti standing near the door pointed out Magda working behind the bar, elderly and diminutive. The clientele were dominantly yeti, with a crabfolk or two to break the monotony, and Mark surveyed the group -- noting only a strange spot where he didn't see anything but felt something ought to be there -- and Robin got Magda's attention, telling her that Stanis had sent them and he may need help.   Magda quickly asked the Adventurers to come with her to a room behind the bar, leading them toward a stair with flickering firelight reflecting off the lower landing. And down they go ...

Rewards Granted

Orond: 2 Skulls Vrmsk: ornate dagger with keyhole at base of hilt: d6/d12 (latter for sneak attack) damage

Out of the Frozen Soutn (Ouroboros)
Report Date
01 Aug 2020


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