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Ever since the accords were struck between the mortals of this realm and the divines that forged it - Otharem has known relative peace. Kingdoms, empires, and mortals themselves have risen - and fallen. All in a cosmic blink of an eye, and those who inhabit this plane of existence - however rich or poor, fantastical or tragic - are afforded a luxury that those who came before were not. Equanimity.   Our story begins in the year 1327 PA - shortly after the signing of a peace treaty between the kingdom of the Stormravens and the Taurn empire. As the dust of the most recent war settles, and the heroes of this world look to the horizon for purpose - you find yourself in curious circumstances with the most unlikely of folk. You set off into the world of Otharem with your trusted companions to seek glory, wealth or perhaps even vengeance - but it seems the threads of fate have something else in store. As you stand at the edge of perdition - staring in to the void of what lies beyond creation, you can't help but feel that something is staring back.

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The Adventures of Fera Venari.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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