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High in the northern mountain range of Duankh is the land where the dragon refugees first staked claim when they arrived to Ostyria. After the Planar Convergence the land became known as Kuu'land and now it is the ancestral home of the Jokan and other draconic creatures. The Kuu Noble Houses wage bloody war and political intrigue in order to gain a foothold on the land and vie for the seat of power, the Marrow Throne. Perceived invaders from the western marshlands, threats from within and powerful neighboring nations have caused the current ruler, the Marrow Queen, to close the borders of the nation preventing all from entering or leaving, at least by conventional and legal means.


Kuu'land is a beautiful and varying mountainous landscape with major peaks and valleys caressed by flowing rivers and dotted with verdant expanses. It is a mixture of alpine, montane, foothills, plains and marshland biomes that fade into one other almost supernaturally.

Localized Phenomena

Despite is natural beauty, Kuu'land is buffeted by high winds constantly and snowstorms that roll over the land haphazardly. To the far west humid temperatures and heat waves provide a stark difference to the rest of the land.


The mountain range where Kuu'land rest was home to the true dragons before the Planar Convergence. It is there that the dragons created their progeny, the Jokan. The land was suffused with their arcane energies making it a prosperous region. During the Planar Convergence the land became a battleground as the dragons and their progeny fought hard against The World Serpent and its minions. Corruption swept through the land causing the arcane energies to turn against the land almost warping it beyond repair. After The World Serpent fell and shattered Ostyria the mountains grew and jutted out of the earth further than ever before, birthing the modern Kuu'land landscape. The land was never restored to its original beauty but the remaining dragons worked hard to cleanse the corruption that swept through.

Alternative Name(s)
Land of Dragons, Draconis
Inhabiting Species

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