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The 30th Day of the Month of the Priestess

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Ossinon is a wide, warm place kept alive by the body heat of Ambrosia the Soul, surrounded by the waters of her own life and kept bound by the World-Serpent for the safety of its inhabitants.   Ruled by the gentle Jessia , Ossinon is host to mortals risen as great deities and elder evils disguised in plain sight. The magic of the Ley Lines create an intrinsic rise and fall of might beneath the conscious notice of its users. Here focus on the politically complex and far-trading nation of the Rysalt Dominion deeply embroiled in a war against the recently emergent hermit city-state of Jantocar.   From the cursed wasteland of the Avrak to the mystical stretches near the World Serpent's scales, there exists more unmapped territory than known nations and it's a scramble to expand. With Rysalt stretching itself thin while fighting its war, it has begun hiring mercenaries and proliferating its new devildust ranged weaponry...