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Arthur Finore

Arthur Finer (a.k.a. Art)

A half elf from The Hidden City of Beltin, Arthur is well known amongst his Operatives peers to be a highly likable and highly skilled archer.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Agile and in good physical condition, works out often

Body Features

Rough greenish toned skin

Facial Features

Has a round face, with some baby fat still on it. Clean shaven.

Identifying Characteristics

Has a magical tattoo on his left shoulder of Band of Brothers, he shares the mark with Asher

Physical quirks

Left handed

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a human mother by the name of Ella Finore and an immigrant father from the Nazu Tribe by the name of Caresta, Arthur is their second child just three years young than his brother Asher. Ella a seamstress by trade met the older elf when he entered her small shop she shared with her mother that sits just a few blocks north from Sirasea the Elf Compound, looking for new robes. The two hit it off fairly quickly, with Ella awestruck by the tales that Caresta had to share and he finally feeling at home after being excommunicated from his tribe and moving to The Hidden City of Beltin a few years prior. It took Caresta some time to understand how short a human's life was compared to his; Ella made it clear that she wanted more with him and within four years the two were married.

They soon had their eldest son Asher and just a few years later Arthur was born, and with his young sons Caresta wanted to ensure they were instilled with the values of the Nazu. Taking them out to the forrest and into the elf compound from a young age to learn how to use a bow and a knife. Ella wasn't especially keen on the boys learning combat at a young age but Caresta's want for them to go through the Trials of the Nazu tribe was enough for her to let them go. From the time Arthur was seven till he was fourteen he went with his brother and father to Sirasea to train, while he was there he met an elf by the name of Ladore Elendiir and although they didn't hit it off initially the two did become close friends. Caresta's training was hard and unrelenting wanting nothing less than perfection from his sons and ensure that they could take on the dangers that they'd face in the wild during their trials. As they got older Asher grew more certain that he wanted to follow the path their father set whereas Arthur was certain that he wanted nothing to do with it. The more Caresta pushed the more Arthur wanted to find his own way, by going into The Division.

At the age of fourteen he entered into The Academy against his father's wishes but with his mother's blessing despite her reservations. Once in the special school he fared well in the agility training, stealth, and range attacks but elsewhere was nothing more than average. He made friends easily and once Ladore transferred to his class the older elf helped him train in other areas getting better each day. Arthur liked training with the elf; unlike his father Ladore was kind and forgiving in his instruction never making Arthur feel less than for not getting something right. Over their years at the Academy Arthur noticed that he had developed feelings for Ladore, he wasn't sure what to do with his revelation. He knew his father wouldn't understand his dilemma so he turned to his brother Asher. The elder encouraged his brother to make his feelings known to the elf. Arthur went to Ladore one night after school, calling him out of the walls of the compound. Handing Ladore a flower he laid himself bare before him ending his confession with a peck on the cheek. Ladore was flattered by Arthur's words but kindly and gently turned his friend down. Arthur was saddened that his feelings weren't reciprocated and it took sometime before the two were able to get back to norm; but by the time graduation and team assignments rolled around the two were closer than ever.

The night after graduation Asher announced to the family that he'd be going on the year long Trail of the Nazu. Arthur was sad to see his brother was leaving, but he knew that Asher had put off the trip until he graduated from the Academy. The boys decided to help them stay connected that they would go into the elf compound and get a matching set of magical tattoos that would let them feel where the other was in world at all times.


Schooling in the city as well as bow and arrow training with his father, at the age of fourteen joined The Academy


Works for The Division as a Shinobi in the Tyro unit.

Failures & Embarrassments

He hasn't lived up to his fathers dreams like his older brother Asher.

Morality & Philosophy

Is very kind and wants to get to know people before making judgments about them.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to prove he can use his skills for more then what his father intended.


Family Ties

Mother's name is Ella Finore and father's name is Caresta, has a brother two years older than him named Asher. Knows nothing about his paternal grandparents, on his mother's side both grandmother Susanna and grandfather Peter are alive and live with his parents.

Social Aptitude

Farily charismatic, most agree that he's just a good person who is easy to talk to.

Lawful Good
Current Location
The Hidden City of Beltin
Half Elf
Year of Birth
925 (22 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Born on the 13th of Hone
The Hidden City of Beltin
Current Residence
The Hidden City of Beltin
Biological Sex

Gender Identity
Dark green eyes
Short curly silver hair that is shaved on both sides of his head
Aligned Organization
The Division
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Low Eleven, can read Sylvan

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