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Tianen Empire

A seafaring nation, The Tianen Empire is one of the oldest in all of Osiria. Largely bereft of magic, the Tianen people have turned their focus to the mundane and rely on technology to solve their problems. The Tianen people want more magic than they can get their hands on.


  • Emperor controls total power
  • Each of the 5 main islands has its own Minister, each with its own governing body each owing fealty to the Emperor
  • Generally, below Emperor there is a Parliament


  • Value the contributions of the individual over the contributions of the Deities
  • To Tianen, the Empire came to be because they needed a unified defence against Osira.. however, to Osirians Tianen created their own problems as some sort of a Napoleon complex.

Public Agenda

  • Acquire magic and further unlocks its potential when coupled with technology.


  • Automated flying ships
  • Technological strengths
  • Military strength
  • Masterwork art pieces, which depict things.


  • An island, who disagreed with the advance of Artifice to war-domination levels succeeded from the Tianen Empire.


Island 1

  • The practice of Artifice was spawned here. 
  • Highly advanced craftwork, intricate, and key practical tools.

Island 2


Island 3


Island 4


Island 5


  • There exists a federal military: Tianen Empirical Army
  • Each island also has its own island-military (like PA National Guard), which has a specialty. 


  • Generally feel dismissive of religion, considering the Gods gave the Elves of Tir'na'Sil magic who "won't use it to benefit greater society".
  • Disdain who put God before man. 

Foreign Relations

  • Generally isolationists, however, will be involved in pacts as it benefits them.


  • Does not trade as much with Osiria as Osiria prefers.
  • It is Osirian propaganda to look down on Tianen because they don't need Osiria for the goods. It causes the general global disdain for Osiria.

Trade & Transport

  • Mostly a barter economy, however, they accept Electrum with any change is made on a "credit" system. 


While it may vary from island to island, education is not withheld from anyone on the island. Generally, everyone is highly educated, but certain areas of studies are coveted and require high social standing: 
  • Artificing
  • Naval Studies
  • Medicine


Between Island 1 and Island 2 there is a bridge between them, which is effectively a wonder of the world (i.e. Golden Gate Bridge.). People travel across the world to see this architectural marvel.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
  • Tianen uses the electrum-based system, however, any exchanges are resolved with "credits". It is electrum-based because it cannot be manipulated by Artificers or magic.
Major Exports
  • Artifice
Major Imports
  • Generally less dependant on Osiria for agriculture, which Osiria hates.
  • Reliant on Dwarven Kingdoms and Southern Continent for raw materials to create Artifice
Judicial Body
  • Each island has its own setup for handling conflict
  • Inter-island or egregious charges are made up of councils of each island
  • Individual Credit makes a significant impact on the verdict. Credit is highly dependant on the Lord of each Island.
Official Languages

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