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Korilia (Kor-Ill-e-yah)


Race Perm % Perm + Trans %
Gnome 60% 35%
Human 20% 25%
Tiefling 15% 30%
Sand Elf 5% 10%


Korilia is the only city/state within the Tienen Empire not led by a Governer or Mayor. It instead is a co-op, bound by a general concensus that the laws they make are the only laws which apply to them. There are no guards.

Industry & Trade

With a small permanent population, the permanent residents focus on running shops, tourist destinations, inns, and managing the warehouse.  Semi-permanent populations focus on seafaring, ships crew, etc.


Initially designed as a port and trade city, the infrastructure reflects this. Buildings are stacked ontop of each other with wooden structures. Bottom floor tends to be warehouses, second shops and third are bars and inns.


Warehouses in Korilia can hold very valuable items, though the most secured ones hold the wealthiest booty.


If you are a seafarer, visiting Korilia is a destination you have on your bucket list. Once you've been, you want to come back but not for the same reasons you came in the first place: 
  • Twin Daughters (two large statues, naturally formed, at the entry of the harbor)
  • Arcades (games, chance, and mechanized single-player casinos)
  • Mechano-plays (little shows in vigniettes, each costing 1/2 EP)


Above Game, Korilia is in a carribean-style design, highstacked buildings of a spanish style.    In game, Korilia is mostly a wooden structure, reinforced with wax to prevent water decay. The buildings are stacked to maximize space on the small harbor. Homes just outside the harbor are small shacks, made the same way.  Regardless, each building is beautifully graffiti'd, showing the proprietor or owner's personal design and flavor.


Korilia is the city on the habor, the main focus of the island. However, just outside of the town are small farms and homes of poorer locals. Beyond that is a harsh wilderness full of monstrosities never bothered to be cleared. The mountain on the island has never been resourced, but it was never needed officially. No caves have been found by adventurers so far.

Natural Resources

Resources of Korilia are trim. The mountain provides clean drinking water from streams and fish/crabs/lobster/crawfish are the food of choice. Small farms provide dairy and meat. In the mountain, there may be more resources but no one has ventured.
Alternative Name(s)
Daughter's Haven
Trade post
  • Waste Away Hole (dive bar, fighting and betting ring, thieves hang out here)
  • Iron Ring (power drinkers bar, muscly types, brutes hang out here)
  • Sil'ean (elf bar, sort of ex-pat bar)
  • Brackington Inn (officer's bar)
Notable locations
  • Decaying Forest
  • --- Temple of the Daughter
  • Port of Korilia docks

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