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Orutu The Garden of Creation

The Eight Hundred and Thirty Second year within the Age of freedom, the third month of Summer.

Created by

Listen for I am the Storyteller, the Loremaster or simply the Keeper of Stories.   Allow me to tell you about Orutu a world very different from your own in many ways but hopefully you'll find similarity within the actions and methods of the people who live on Orutu as at the core of all life stands mortality.   Life on Orutu can be separated by the Light and the Dark who struggle to coexist with each other along with powerful beings that have divine characteristics that can both influence and guide, creatures exist that are both spiritual and demonic in nature roaming creation with wants and desires unknown and them either assisting or tempting with mortals taking advantage where they can in order to survive and prosper.   So come and let me tell you of Orutu along with its people as I am the Keeper of their stories for what is a life but a story told trough a beginning, a middle and with an eventual end.