Glamwir Ellbeewyth

Master of the School of Illusion

  It is said that Glamwir Ellbeewyth was born mischievous. Born under an eclipsed moon on the 12th day of the 12th month of the year to Gladdwisis and Weerbert, Glamwir was blessed with innate magical ability that her parents never really understood.   A sickly child, she was unable to play with the other kids but would use her magic to create illusions to amuse them by twisting the very light and sound as they played. At the age of 10 a pixie named Welmoyre who would come to the material plane to observe the gnomish community was impressed with her trickery. Glamwir and Welmoyre struck up a friendship and visited each other often. Glamwir taught Welmoyre about the material plain and Welmoyre taught Glamwir how to harness her abilities. Glamwir finally convinced Welmoyre to take her to visit the Feywild and she was awed at its splendor. Time in the Feywild is strange, however, and she returned to find 4 years had passed and tragedy had struck as her parents and most of the village were killed by a marauding pack of orcs. Assuming she was lost as well, the rest of the village didn’t think to look for her when they relocated and she was left to her own devices.   Wandering the road to Torma she was spotted by a travelling merchant who took her with him and dropped her at an orphanage. Again she made friends by using her magic and it was here that the headmaster finally recognized her talents for what they were and arranged for her to be sent to the Arcane Citadel to begin her formal magical education.   Glamwir quickly became famous for her illusionary practical jokes and sailed through her qualifications. As an established wizard she researched methods of making her illusions corporeal and mastered the art of illusory reality, developing the ability for her illusions to take corporeal form.   When Gobbluth retired as Head of the School of Illusion it was only natural she was asked to take over. Under her stewardship the school has taken on a lighter tone and each year an award is given for the best use of illusions in a practical joke. She also leads the annual trip to the Fewyild for the 5th years where she hopes to one day reunite with her friend Welmoyre.
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