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All firearms that a player can wield are categorized as either a Long Arm or Short Arm. Both are considered Martial Weapons. Long Arms include any firearm with a barrel longer than 9" such as a rifle or shotgun. These weapon typically have a longer range than a Short Arm, but require two hands to properly use. A Short Arm is any firearm with a barrel 9" or shorter such as a pistol. Short Arms can normally be used in only one hand, but normally have a much shorter range.
  All firearms have a misfire chance. When an attack is made with a firearm, if the attack roll is equal to or less than the misfire value of the weapon, the attack automatically fails, the firearm is Jammed and ammunition is lost as if it had been fired successfully. A Jammed weapon cannot be fired. If the creature is proficient with the weapon, the Jammed condition can be cleared by taking an action to clear the obstruction. If the creature is not proficient with the weapon, they can use an action to make a DC 15 Wisdom (Nature) or Intelligence (Arcana) check to clear the the obstruction and remove the Jammed condition. This can be repeated until the firearm no longer has the Jammed condition.
For hundreds of years, nations have utilized weapons fueled by fire. The first clumsy prototypes were almost as likely to catastrophically destroy the weapon crew manning them than the distant fortification that they were targeting. Thankfully, through the tireless work of craftsman, magicians, and of course artificers, modern firearms are almost always safe for the user. Disastrous explosions are, by-and-large, a thing of the past. Advancements in technology can only bring us so far though. Firearms can still misfire, but with the barest amount of instruction, any novice can safely clear the obstruction in as little as six seconds. -The Revolution of Firearms Zentrum Natural History Museum Warfare Section introductory Plaque

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