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Bright Cap

You are a Bright Cap, a devout follower of Mazingunga. You've spent a sizable amount of time in a Glade dedicated to your god, likely under the influence of some type of intoxicating substance. You've whiled away hours, day, weeks, or years enjoying the small refuge of nature, resting against the trees, lying on the grass, and giving names to your favorite clouds. No matter where you may go, you always bring a calming air with you because a Bright Cap knows that given a small amount of sunshine, nourishment, and enough time, a barren wasteland can become a forest.
  Skill proficiencies: Nature, Medicine
Equipment: A Bright Cap component pouch, a sketchbook, a charcoal pencil, a handful of mushrooms, a set of comfortable clothes, 10 gold pieces.
  Bright Cap Badge
You have a component pouch closed with an enameled mushroom button, a symbol of your devotion to Mazingunga. Given to you as a simple metal blank in the shape of the button mushroom, your first task as a Bright Cap was to decorate and modify it as you saw fit. Roll on the table below or decide for yourself how your Bright Cap Badge looks.
1 Your pin resembles a fly amanita. You saw no need to alter the basic form of your pin, opting instead to make its interior as vibrant as possible. You foraged for the brightest red berries to color the cap, adding tiny bits of tuber to mimic white dots.
2 Your pin resembles a Chicken of the Woods. The blank was flattened after accidentally dropping it several times. Stepping on it over pavement resulted in scalloped ridges. One day, your senior complimented your completed button, colored with red dust scraped from pavement which turned yellow towards the edges as it had some reaction with the base metal. You weren't aware you had started.
3 Your pin resembles a puffball mushroom. You rolled the stem of the blank into the cap and began to pile on any vegetable matter that struck your fancy. Layers of pigment derrived from grasses, fruits, bark, and everything in between built up over time, creating a very round button compared to most of your colleagues.
4 Your pin resembles a light brown morel. You began by first elongating the soft metal of your stock button because you didn't want your button to be self conscious about height. With that done, you poked small holes along the length of the pin and placed it onto bare soil to see if grass would grow through. When that failed, you shrugged your shoulders, filled in the center of the pine with dirt, sealed it with clear resin
5 Your pin resembles a chanterelle. You upturned the edges of the blank's cap to form a horn shape. You ground up bark into a fine power to produce the base pigment. After noticing abundant grubs in a nearby tree, you decided to grind them as well and add the resulting mush to the wood, staining it an earthy orange color.
6 Your pin resembles a veiled stinkhorn. You developed a habit of tapping the cap of your button with whatever was nearby while enjoying the day. Over time, this results in thin sections of metal that became holes, which were widened further, creating a delicate lattice emanating from a small portion of cap left untouched.
Feature: Mazingunga's Bounty
From the vast woodlands of the Ostenwald Forest to cracks in the streets of Zentrum, growing things can be found easily if one were to look. Your time under Mazingung'as tutelage taught you that fascinating and unique things are everywhere. Some of these things can even be described as "useful," by those who think that everything requires a purpose.
  You can use your component pouch as a healing kit with a single charge. This charge can be replenished by spending 1 hour foraging for medicinal plants and succeeding a DC 12 Wisdom (Nature) or Intelligence (Medicine) check.
  Suggested Characteristics
  Bright caps tend to be somewhat flighty. They are equally prone to speaking in long breathy sentences as they are to remain completely quiet. They are, almost as a rule, unflappable in the face of adversity, adapting to every new challenge with no loss to their bubbly disposition.
  Personality Traits
1 I keep a cloud atlas filled with drawings that only slightly resemble the subject.
2 I vocally point out the silver lining to any bad situation.
3 I have a small collection of colorful stones I found in the woods that I show off at every opportunity.
4 I always feed the local wildlife whenever I have the opportunity.
5 I effortlessly flit through different social circles without introduction. Complete strangers say they can talk to me like an old friend.
6 My coin purse contains several items that are conspicuously not money but that I sometimes try to pay with anyway.
7 I try to share my food with my friends even when eating the same thing.
8 I always carry a small cache of psychedelic mushrooms and am happy to share.
1 Imagination - I always try to think of how things could be, not just how they are.
2 Stoicism - I can always change how I feel about the world even if I can't change the world itself.
3 Beauty - I see beauty everywhere I look and want to share it with those around me.
4 Growth - I try to nurture plants, animals, and people around me, helping them grow physically or spiritually.
5 Community - A wolf dies without a pack. A bee dies without a hive. A tree dies without fungus. We are made better by the community we build.
6 Acceptance - Nothing requires a purpose to exist. Just because I can't use something doesn't mean it lacks value.
1 I sometimes get so lost in thought I lose track of the world around me
2 I don't complain when I'm being taken advantage of.
3 I keep nettles and poisonous plants along with more traditional clippings.
4 I try to help strangers with their problems despite a lack of consent.
5 I try to integrate all of my social circles with no regard to how they might get along.
6 I justify bad behavior of myself and others by stating "That's just the way they are."

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