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Ortlibens is a land defined by its innovation. Gone are the days of endless toil for meagre rewards. Gone are the feudal lords of old. Gone are the tyrannical dragon gods of old. Now, any man may prove his work through personal effort rather than the circumstances of his birth. Thousands have flocked to Zentrum, the great capital at the center of Ortlibens. They bring fresh eyes and insight in the development of new discoveries, gadgets, and gizmos, always pushing forward the bounds of science and technology, both the mundane and arcane. Gunsmiths use the latest advances in metallurgy and alchemy to create ever more efficient firearms. Arctailors deftly weave subtle enchantments into common clothing, affording protection or utility but without sacrificing fashion. Magic has become so commonplace, that even the most squalid of the working class could afford to clean their garments with a cheaply produced incantation if they so chose. However, not all the wonders of Ortlibens are shared equally.   After the defeat of the dragon gods at the hand of The Seven millennia ago, the followers for the defeated deities were persecuted. The dragons wrought suck havoc, that the Seven demanded their followers undertake a pact to use their powers responsibly. Stubborn dragon cultists are routinely hunted, tortured, and killed to ensure their taint does not take hold in this world again.   Many Ortlibians living in the more rural areas of the country are beginning to suspect that they simply traded one form of serfdom with another. While it is true, wages in Zentrum are noticeably higher than in more traditional vocations elsewhere, the cost of living in the city makes the difference moot.  
Divisions like these continue to expand, forming great chasms in Ortlibian society. However, anyone with a proper eye for history knows that divisions have always formed the basis for past events. One can only imagine what change, both good and evil, will come of the most recent changes in the fabric of Ortlibian normalcy.