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The Odegon Frontier

Upon the eastern border of Nausica and Drin, in the shadows of the Skybeyond Mountains and the green cloak of the Korros timberland, lies the vast Odegon Frontier, a wild land of ice-capped mountains, shining lakes, evergreen forests, desert plains, and badlands. Touched only ceremoniously by the iron hand of the King Eternal, this region is ruled over by barons of industry. Lumber, gold, dragonpowder, oil, steel, coal, and the blue-silver of Mithril bring both providence, and danger to those who call this territory their home.   The frontier is known as a lawless province where the cities and towns are protected not by guardsmen, or the Drin military, but instead by 'bluecoat' mercenaries hired by wealthy professionals and persons of interest. Occasionally a 'sheriff' or similar lawman might be appointed, or come to prominence, but these good intentioned folk have a terrible habit of 'hanging themselves' or otherwise disappearing under mysterious circumstances.   The Odegon Frontier is a land with a storied history which industry and the technological progress of Drin has driven to its forgotten edges. This land once belonged to the Rock and Storm Giants of the Irondust Mountains, who watched over the wild herds of water buffalo that grazed upon the plains in the lower valleys. They shared this frontier with tribes of Woad Elves who made their homes among the cold, evergreen forests upon the northern borders, and with the Dragonborn whom wandered the vast badlands and deserts in the south. While remnants of these tribes and people do remain, the coming of the Dwarves of Drin and their mighty Black Hound Railroad changed the frontier forever.  


Lords of Steel, Oil, and Mithril

  Arriving in the region in the year 4174, the armies of Drin pushed back the native peoples of the frontier and built the Black Hound Railroad, connecting it to their much larger infrastructure in the western Orrumundus mountains. The Roalroad cuts through the frontier on a bowed arc from the Korros timberland, splitting at the Odegun Vahl to carve northeast towards the Skybeyond mountains, and south towards the edges of the Freelands and their northern most city of Laefalorn.   Drawn here in search of minerals, dragonpowder, and oil, the armies of Drin soon abandoned the frontier as war in the south between the Iron Legions and the Magisterium raged. The Dwarves of the Odegon Vahl amassed the resouces of their ancient clan, however, and bartered with the agents of the King Eternal for the freedom to mine, and prospect the land, offering a generous tax of their earnings to the Drin military, which the Lord of Iron accepted.   Centuries would pass and the frontier would largely remain an independent territory, but the kinship of the Dwarves of the Odegon Vahl splintered in the fifth era into various minor houses as they fought and assumed dominion over the resources and industries of the frontier.  

The Houses of Odegon

  A bloody civil war exploded across the plains and mountains, the Vahl itself nearly falling to unrest. Eventually the minor houses agreed upon which industries they would oversee, but this time of division created grudges and blood feuds that still rage even in the present day.   House Tetrastone: Mithril, and Gemstones
House Grimmroc: Oil, and Dragonpowder
House Arcunslate: Gold, and Silver
House Bannclay: Iron, and Steel
House Odenflint: Lumber, and Coal


Outlaws of the Frontier

  The riches of this vast land, and its strange indenpendency within the Drin Empire has given rise to a fabled time belonging unquiely to the outlaw. Unlike the common banditry of other provinces and nations, here the Outlaw is not just a menace, but a force of industry itself with bands of like-minded rogues laying claim to the spoils of entire settlements and regions of the frontier. These gangs have become so entrenched and so prominent in power and resources that even the Dwarven barons of the Odegon houses are forced to barter, and make deals with them directly in order for some portion of their industry to be left unspoiled. This has created a delicate, and violent ecosystem upon the frontier that is often disrupted by bloody betrayals and quests for vengeance.     While the frontier is home to countless ne're-do-wells, thieves, outlaws, and vagabonds; there are some gangs and bands that have become well known and recongised for their methods, and ruthlessness.  

Dr. Deckard Hollow
& The Black Lamps

  Dr. Hollow arrived in the frontier in 4827 with well-meaning intentions to help ease the spread of a necrotizing disease called Rotgloom Fever that was rampant at the time. When his hospital was burned to the ground with his patients inside by a gang of outlaws seeking medical supplies, Dr. Hollow went mad and used his research to raise the dead rather than prevent the disease's loss of life. In the centuries that have passed, whatever distinction Dr. Hollow and his Black Lamps once possessed between themselves and the very bandits that inspired Deckard's revenge has been erased. The Black Lamps are ruthless undead marauders, specializing in dark conjuration, and necromantic magic, that scarcely can tell the difference between friend or foe.

Esethel 'Dynamite' Killinger
& The Bombshell Sisters

  'Lady Dynamite', or Esethel Killinger, began her life of crime as the right hand woman to her lesbian partner, Kat "Deadshot" Winnchester. Together they robbed trains and stage coaches throughout the region, gaining a reputation as the the wildest, and most dangerous duo of the Odegon frontier. With their stolen money they opened a string of brothels and opium dens whose operations were merely a disguise for a frontier-spanning smuggling ring. The Bombshell smuggling empire eventually caught the attention and ire of House Tetrastone, who placed an enormous bounty upon the heads of both Esethel and Kat. Ms. Winnchester was caught and captured in the Cordican Badlands only a few months afterward, and soon hanged outside the gates of Odegon Vahl. Esethel Killinger escaped, and having lost the love of her life, rallied a massive gang from the women employed by her brothels that now act as one of the most powerful and influential groups of the frontier in settlements throughout the region.

Felix Malduncan
& The Devil's Riders

  Felix Malduncan was a once a mortal man whose crimes and deeds set him on a path to the hangman's noose. On the day of his hanging he made a wager of his soul with one of the Lords Who Lie Below that if he were allowed to live he'd pay back his life a thousand fold in blood in the Devil's name. That day the hangman's rope broke and Felix escaped. Over the course of a year he set about on a ruthless massacre across the frontier. Those who he spared he forced to join him in his contract, and so began a sowing of blood as never seen before or since. What became of Felix's soul in the end is unknown, though some stories claim that he is still out there trying to fulfill his dark promise. Regardless, his actions inspired a violent cult of merciless outlaws wearing blood-stained sashes in the spirit of his diabolic killing spree. No gang is as feared, or condemned as the Devil's Riders, and the name Felix Malduncan is still one whispered fearfully around campfires on dark frontier nights.


The Irondust Mountains


Cordican Badlands


Jotunn Tar Pits


Sekorra Forest


The Morningsong Prairie


Malkorran Desert



  • Map of The Odegon Frontier
  Dragonpowder is a rare mineral substance found only in a few select mountain ranges of the world. It is the remnant of inactive leyline configurations between the Prime Material Plane and the Plane of Fire. This ash like residue is highly flammable, and explosive. Lord Drin himself was the first to realize its applications in warfare, creating the first firearms of Orr. While Dragonpowder weapons are able to punch through even the most well crafted armors, their accuracy leaves something to be desired. Tinkerers and gunsmiths have constantly improved upon early firearm designs, reducing this vulnerability of the weapons, but many in Orr have their doubts that such weapons will ever replace traditional weapons.   Regardless, due to the vast deposits of Dragonpowder available in the Odegon Frontier, such weapons have become a favorite and mainstay throughout the region. They are particularly favored by Outlaws of the frontier, who see the weapons as a symbol of an untamed age and a departure from the ideals of chivalry and honor.

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