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The Marigold Realm

Between the territories of the three great nations of Dalair, Drin, Iskandar and the untamed frontiers of Nausica lies a neutral territory of lands belonging to those seeking refuge from the powers and institutions that contest the world. These "Freelands" as they are aptly known are the home of all manner of beings. From the most humble Halflings to the colossal Goliaths, all are welcome provided their intent is to live peacefully and prosperously.   This is the Marigold Realm, where freedom is the only conquest.   Such an idyllic realm is not kept with hope and dreams alone. The Freelands are safeguarded by a volunteer army called the Braves, and is also the home of the legendary Pathfinder Society.  

“I pledge my life to these free lands”
“An oath I swear with my free heart”
“To safeguard all free men”
“So we may die as free as we were born”
  “The blood of the Brave runs through me”
“The wisdom of the stars is my helm”
“Fortune is my armor”
“Justice is my shield”
  “When the earth quakes and storms gather”
“When fires blaze and war drums thunder”
“When death comes in my final hour”
“Let it find a soul as free as it was born”

— Creed of the Braves
  Dangers lie in many corners of this vast realm and its borders are always under threat of receding against the powers of the greater forces at work in the world of Orr. In the north lies the cursed woodland known as the Valenruun (The Thornwilds) where evil stalks the ancient forest paths and the dead do not rest. To the west lies the war flayed Steppe belonging to the barbarian tribes who practice bloody arts and primal magics. To the south among the spires, canyons and windswept mountain paths are clans of hill giants, ettin and other dangerous that slavor for the blood of travelers and merchants who walk the roads alone. From the east come the marauding Iron Halo, the slavers of Infidia, who harass the settlements upon the gleaming Silverhawk Coast, dragging loved ones away in chains. These are but a few of the dangers of the realm itself, which speaks nothing of the nations who would use the Freelands as their footstool.   To make a life in the Marigold Realm is to accept the possibility that one day a power may contest your livelihood and steal away all that you have fought for and earned. It is to acknowledge that by your hand alone is your fate writ. Those who possess talent and skill, those who are masters of enterprise and natural entrepreneurs, those who seek their fortune through hard work and cunning will find the Marigold Realm a land of milk and honey. All others will find themselves refused of this land's bounty.


The landscape of the Marigold Realm is rich and diverse, containing sprawling mountain vistas, deep, treacherous woodlands, and winding coasts. Nearly every biome is present within its' borders making the Freelands the most rich realm in natural resources which is all the more reason that outside powers seek to take it as their own and claim dominance of the region.  

Silverhawk Coast


The Silverhawk Coast

  The eastern border of the Freelands is a golden coastline from whence many gain their livelihood as fishers and merchants. The Sea of Mithris carries warm ocean streams to and from these shores, and thus the breast pocket of the Freelands are where merchant vessels naturally arrive as they move north and south along the eastern rim of the continent of Oerth. It is upon this shoreline that the city of Tantallion (simply known as 'Tant' to much of the world) resides. Tant is perhaps the most well known city in all of the Marigold Realm and where one casts their mind when imagining the Freelands. This trading port is famous for being the site of the "Iron Pot" Revolt that created the borders of the realm and in more recent times has become the home of the Pathfinder Society, an adventuring guild whose heroes and presence has shaped many events in recent centuries.  

Cascade Mountains


The Cascade Mountains

  North of the city of Tant lies a vast and deep expanse of peaks known as the Cascade Mountains, so named for the rushing springs that pour from their high cliffs. These mountains are lonesome and mysterious, their depths holding many secrets that have yet to be uncovered. They are the home of many humanoid monster clans, including the Primux Orcs who are region renowned for their vastly superior cunning and intellect owed to their natural diet of Mindcrown Mushrooms; a rare flora found only in those mountains. In the shadows of these crags lies the small settlement of Phoenix Rest, a quiet country sprawl surrounding a grand lake.  

The Thornwilds


The Valenruun

  Also known as "The Thornwilds" this primordial forest reaches north and west of the Cascade Mountains and is a treacherous terrain often avoided by those whom are familiar with the region. Long ago these woods belonged to an Fey empire called Oolicoon. None know with absolute certainty what became of the Eladrin and the sprites of the ancient woodland, but the forest became bitter with their disappearance and has brought much suffering to those whom have tried to claim it since. One such group were the four Elven princes of Valenruun who divided the land amongst themselves and attempted to rule here. Their reign would last only a handful of centuries before a severe blight lead to what is known as The War of the Grain. This conflict was called such because the people of the Valenruun were so starved and thirsting that brother killed brother over loaves of bread. The crumbling of that Elven presence was never forgotten and the forests are littered with ruins and fairy circles left over from both kingdoms. So tainted with sorrow is are these woods that the dead find no rest, its groves becoming homes for specters and other foul creatures unwilling to travel on to the brighter halls of the afterlife.  

Dragonturtle Tarn


The Dragonturtle Tarn

  Traveling west from these forests and the Casade Mountains lies the volcanic tarn. This gulf of water is warm and gives rise to unique coastal flora and fauna, such as the Dragonturtles from whence it gains its' name. These majestic creatures travel the seas of Orr, visiting places that few mortals have ever laid eyes upon let alone explored. It is no secret that beyond the continent of Oerth lie many unclaimed and unknown lands, but few have ever set out to find them. The warm waters and more tropical setting made this tarn the perfect region to settle for many wayfarers from the Primal Realm of Nausica. Here lies the city of Kayin, whose silk-screen walls and cherry blossoms are a distinct departure from the other scenery in the Freelands. The city of Kayin is presided over by the powerful Wu family who use their wealth and influence to influence the fate of the Marigold Realm.  

Rjorn's Steppe


The Painted Steppe

  Southwest of the tarn lies the grasslands of the Painted Steppe, a wild frontier that is home to barbarian tribes. These 'savage' people have an intricate and secular culture that separates them from the free peoples of the Marigold Realm. Many of them are cannibals, and practice ancient forms of primal magic similar to those found in the Thunder Realm of Aardwulf. Indeed, many belief these clans once hailed from those not-so-distant isles, as their culture shares many deep similarities. The barbarians have been known to aid the Freelands in times of crisis, but otherwise the knowledgeable traveler knows that the Steppe is best avoided lest one desires their head scalped.  

Morningstar Mountains


The Morningstar Mountains

  And finally in the southern most reaches of the Marigold Realm lies the barricade of peaks known as the Morningstar Mountains. These dry crags and their winding canyons are home to many creatures and hidden clans of humanoids. At their foothold lies Mount Ragnios, the highest peak in the Freelands and the third highest peak in all of Orr. Upon the slopes of that great mountain is Korroc Vahl, the legendary Hall of Stories where heroes of myth have long been interred for their final rest.


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The Freelands

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