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The Iron Pot Revolt

The "Iron Pot" Revolt is considered one of the most miraculously successful rebellions in the history of Orr, and was the founding engagement of the Marigold Realm.   The rebellion began in the trading port of Tantallion (better known throughout the world now as 'Tant') which was little known in the greater world of Orr before the conflict arose, and took place following a military campaign waged between the three great powers of the continent of Oerth. The battles between Dalair, Drin and Iskandar had ravaged the neutral territory that lay between their venerable realms, which had served as their battlefield for nearly a decade, and in its wake had left a ragged army of deserters, and mercenaries from all sides to sow discourse and terror among those living in those lands.   Having had enough of the armies of other realms squatting in their territories and lording over "The Free People" of the summer lands, a Halfling woman by the name of Panya Allsong devised a rebellion that would begin on the Feast Day of the Endless, Kassandir. Having little in the way of armor or arms to drive the invaders and mercenaries out, Panya Allsong and the peoples of the soon-to-be Freelands equipped themselves with kitchen utensils, farming implements, craftsman's tools, and other makeshift weaponry. The rebels gained attention to their cause by passing hidden messages between the settlements of the Freelands through trading caravans, and identified one another by wearing a marigold flower upon their person. These small, unremarkable tokens would become the namesake of the land they would win.   On the eve of Kassandir's feast day the rebels infiltrated the kitchens of their would-be overlords and tainted the banquets with drowsing, and retching herbs. The following day when the invaders stomached their meals and found the sickness and weariness creeping upon them the "Iron Pot" Rebels attacked. The battle was not easily won, but Panya and her rebels drove the mercenaries from Tantallion and then began a campaign across the Freelands, whipping the invaders of the free realm back to their own borders and in doing so, establishing the territory that would be forever known then on as the Marigold Realm.

The Conflict


A massive military campaign had been waged over the decade prior to the "Iron Pot" Revolt between the nations of Dalair, Drin, and Iskandar. The conflict had created many fluctuating borders and the neutral territory that stood between these three established realms had served as the central battlefield. At it's finality, so many deserters and mercenaries had been left over from the conflict that even when the nations retreated to their own borders the free people of the summer lands were still being terrorized, harassed and lorded over by the invaders of their territory. Until this point in time the Freelands and the borders of the Marigold Realm had not been established and the peoples who made these lands their home had little in way of an organized government or military power to drive them out.


The central battle was centered upon the city of Tantallion and once won the "Iron Pot" rebels of the Marigold Realm were able to establish a fighting force of sympathizers to head west and north of their great city and reclaim the realm, and in doing so establishing the borders of the Freelands.

The Engagement

The conflict gains its name from the lack of arms and armor which the "Iron Pot" Rebels possessed and was won through ingeuinity, and what might be considered by some as "fighting dirty." The rebels knew the lands and were seeded as serfs and servants within the homes and captured fortresses of the stolen realm by their invaders. Often the "Iron Pot" Rebels would attack at night following the poisoning or weakening of their enemies and drove them to the dangerous outlands such as the Valenruun (The cursed 'Thornwilds') or the dangerous passes of the Morningstar Mountains where the denizens and creatures of the realm often delivered even more gruesome blows to their forces. They utilized camouflage, spider holes, clanging pots and pans throughout the nights to prevent their enemies earning a fair night's rest, and hit-and-run tactics against more fortified groups of invaders, shaving them of their resources until they were weakened enough to successfully overcome.


The "Iron Pot" Rebels were successful in driving out the invaders of their lands and in doing so established the borders of the Marigold Realm, creating a "Freeland" for the people of that territory.


The establishment of the Marigold Realm is a significant event in the history of Orr. Because the territory presides over the lands that have often served as the conflict zone between the greater powers of the continent of Oerth, the creation of this new realm has halted many other devastating campaigns. It has also created an area in the world where the leaders of those nations can meet upon neutral ground for treaties and a means of trading resources between them.


Panya "Iron Pot" Allsong
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1499 AR
Ending Date
1501 AR
Conflict Result
The "Iron Pot" Rebels succeeding in freeing their lands.


  • Map of The Freelands

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