"Sometimes love is the best healer of them all..."
— Nelina Vallendicar, First Light


One of the largest complexes in Orr, the Tryleum predates written record, and no one is sure exactly when it was established. Most scholars posit that it was erected as far back as a millennium (or two) before the Sacking of the World. The Tryleum is as complex as it is old. There are seven hospitals built around the giant open-air forum, capable of handling anything from dragons to giants, to the smallest of fae. It welcomes the sick and injured from any species or race. Here, those in need may find sanctuary and respite, food and shelter, companionship and education. All of this, of course, comes with a price. In order to stay, one must work for their keep.   This is also a place for learning. Currently operated and cared for by the Steadfast, the adherents of the Everlasting Light, healing instructors, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and anyone with an interest in serving those in need can find an education in medicine here. Whether that's physical, emotional, medicinal, magical, or practical, the Steadfast recruit the highest caliber of healers and scholars to educate others and send them home to their towns and cities with the means to tend to the wounded or ailing.   While it's not a place of worship, most would call the Tryleum a temple. To many, it is a sacred, holy place. The Steadfast have erected several churches and shrines within the compound's walls to aid those who attend or visit with their daily worships. There is a centrally located open-air forum and a market square, as well as a caravanserai for transient, traveling folks alike.   At the heart of the open forum and surrounded by polished stone, stands a Phoenix tree. Though not the only of its kind, this tree lives for one-hundred years before it bursts into flames, turns to ash, and sprouts anew nine days later. The ash is collected and preserved for its magical, restorative, and all-around useful properties. While the timing of the Phoenix tree's demise isn't precise, it's often within a 7 to 10 day period from the last one, which has given life to the Festival of Flames celebration for every fiery occasion.   Even though the complex is self-contained and can sustain itself, many communities have provided a yearly stipend from their own coffers, to keep and replenish whatever the Steadfast may need for their day-to-day operations. When this income isn't used towards upkeep and improvement, the Steadfast buy durable goods and pay the caravaners, such as the UtuRhu, to take these goods to those in need.   Accommodations range from single room apartments to modest 2 room housing. Housing is typically commensurate with need, and families of the sick and wounded are attended appropriately. Those who can, pay with coin. Those who can't are expected to see to their fair share of chores.


The compound is defended by a host of options, from the Everwild Forest itself, to a sizable contingent of Steadfast Paladins, to volunteer fighters, and even a sampling of sages from the UtuRhu. The Tryleum is considered a sanctuary, and neutral, which means violence is unwelcome and is dealt with succinctly and swiftly. It also grants political asylum, though once outside the gates, the seekers of refuge are no longer served by its protection.
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16 Jan, 2022 18:30

Very interesting place. I think the Phoenix tree caught my attention the most. I would love to know more about one!   So, the place is self-sufficient, which means it maintains some farmland, or perhaps an orchard nearby?   I love the courtyard type design the most. There's an airy, wide open type feel to that architecture.   Given the nature of the place, are there any other festivals held there? Just something that came to mind.

17 Jan, 2022 01:09

So far just the Festival of Flames, and since that happens once every 100 years... humans don't get to see it more than once. Some not at all. :D