A powder created by the grinding of Heartshards called "Shimmer Dust" and often shortened to just "Shimmer".

Shimmer has a multitude of uses, most of which are related to alchemy and the production of magitech. However, through the years, people have come to discover that ingesting or inhaling the powder has an array of magical (and often detrimental) effects on the body. From euphoria to magical abilities that can last a few weeks, Shimmer has temporary effects, the duration and intensity often determined by the amount of Shimmer consumed, how refined it is, and how long it remains in the body. Because many of its effects are enjoyable and can be beneficial, yet temporary, it pushes users to partake frequently, and while Shimmer itself isn't addictive, the ensuing results can be, and this drives people to addiction.

Known Side Effects

  • Discoloration of the skin and/or eyes
  • Bleeding from the nose and/or eyes
  • Discoloration of tears
  • Euphoria and/or Mania
  • Headaches
  • Widespread pain
  • Spontaneous combustion
Users will often ignore the danger signs, despite knowing that this compound can be quite harmful. The body does not break down and dispel the exhausted crystal particles easily, and these build up over time with the potential to block normal bodily functions. The most vulnerable areas are the brain, kidneys, and liver. It can also damage the heart and lungs.
  The color changes and magical effects are most often determined by the type and color of the Heartshard used. This was most notable by the Cult of Blackeyed Wanderers, who consume shadow shard dust for many of their rituals. It is also suspected that they may be one of the prime sources for Shimmer across Orr.

Common State

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