What began as a hamlet surrounding Gotwick's Mill, grew into a small village of residents, mostly comprised, at first, of the families of those men and women Angor Gotwick, the founder, hired to help him with the lumber. Gotwick falls under the protection and purview of the Wildwoods, a portion of the Everwild Forest which seems to have a sentience and a sapience that outsiders attach to a vengeful god. The flora in this area is rumored to be "carnivorous" and that Angor, a lumberjack all his life, may have made a pact with said god in order to cut down and mill enchanted trees.   Gotwick is small, having just over 200 residents on most days, and very little through-traffic, as it remains off the major throughways. Its inn — Angor's Place (named by his lovely wife Ufinnia Gotwick) — also doubles as the town hall. There is a small village square, centrally located, along with a little park and a handful of stalls where residents can gather and meet once a week to barter and share their wares. The schoolhouse also doubles as their place of worship, and days are divided towards the different devotions.   It is a quaint village, protected by the forest from outsiders. The density of tree growth surrounding the village provides a natural barricade to the outside world, and the living forest itself sees to the village's defense. It also has the benefits of a village wizard, and the small (but rather prestigious) apprenticeship program for gifted wizards. It is a 2-year internship, after formal college in one of the major cities and second year students are expected to assist in teaching the first year students. This program was started by Kieryn Asandromere, known to those around her as the Witch of the Woods, after she married Salem Asandromere and started a family.   Gotwick is a close knit community, welcoming to outsiders, but cautious. Historically, they've only had one major incident with conflict, Farro's Siege, an attempted coup for the throne of the newly founded Kingdom of Capria and control of The Everwild for greed and profit.

Industry & Trade

  • Enchanted Lumber
  • Mining


1 or 2-story buildings comprised mostly of wood, stone, and mud (cob, adobe, or wattle & daub).

Natural Resources

  • Enchanted Woods
  • Dragon Scales
  • Frags
Alternative Name(s)
Gotwick's Mill
Location under

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