With a surface area of 1.6 million square miles, the Everwild forest dominates the central region of North Ordalen. It is largely a temperate-mixed forest but, given that it is the largest contiguous forest in all of Orr, it ranges from boreal in the northern areas, primary forest (great woods) at its girth, to areas of coniferous and deciduous as well as some regions that are deemed as "carnivorous".  
Small image representing the Everwild forest in Orr.
The Everwild, as a whole, is classified as Imbued. The forest reacts instinctively, rather than displaying sapience, although some amount of sentience is present, influenced by many of its Fae and Imbued denizens. Visitors to and travelers of the forest go where it allows, or may even find themselves transported to places it deems suitable or necessary. Despite being home to a myriad of thriving communities, and the resting place of ancient civilizations, the Everwild is its own governing body and belongs to no one. For millennia, human and elven populations have revered and even worship the forest as if itself were a god. It is home to several druid groves, dragon dens, and favorite nesting grounds for creatures such as unicorns, winged horses, and griffins.   Geographically, it is designated by many names in different places, such as the Wildwoods to the very south nearest the Talin River Ravine, or the Storm Wood Forest, along its northwestern border where the Mapoli Ridgeway gives in to the elven province of Faer'Chellon. Cartographers of the Guild of Nyn have divided the Everwild into four quadrants in their effort to accurately map the vast forest landscape.

Natural Resources

  • Enchanted wood
  • Heartshards
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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